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Mind Power Maps Interpretation By Relaxed Present Awareness

Interpretation By Relaxed Present Awareness

Mind Power Maps

(Exercising Your Mind) Now we’ve come to a point where we move beyond just a filter which is an organic for the most part, and a static and set filter for the information that actually comes in; how we actually record, how faithfully we reproduce the actual signal that we are receiving.

So whatever is being transmitted our senses filter how directly and how closely we reproduce what we are receiving and recording that information.

So now we move on to the point where we come to a more focused interpretation that is most largely under our control.

This interpretation operates in two ways, it is kind of like you know you can blink your eyes consciously or it can happen unconsciously, you can swallow consciously or unconsciously, you can breathe consciously and unconsciously.

So things like that you know, you can do both consciously and unconsciously and what actually we can set up with that understanding is that we have the same faculty to either just let something go unconsciously or control it consciously, which is our interpretation with what we do with the actual data that we get, from the signals that we get.

And for the most part we can put it in two quick categories here:

One which is the subconscious or the unconscious way that we interpret that information is based on things that have happened before and we seem to feel like or believe that we got the best outcome from that.

And then the other one would be the more conscious, and awake and aware interpretation of information that is mindful in the present moment and is actively looking for, and on the alert for the best possible activities and actions to get the most favorable and desired outcome.

So its this present moment thinking which is the optimum type of interpretation of what’s brought in. And this is something that is very much under our control and is a very powerful key in unlocking robotic, externally-controlled behavior.

The way that we can free ourselves to be more in control of what we actually feel and do.

For example no matter what’s going on we might want to choose to feel calm instead of anxious.

Instead of feeling tension we would choose to feel relaxation.

And when we understand this last part that it largely has to do with what we make relevant, either behaviors that we’ve acted upon in the past.

Are we gonna continue to allow those same behaviors to repeat unconsciously in a present situation just because there are similar factors?

That may not always be the optimum choice.

What really is the optimum choice is to practice a present, mindful-awareness in where you are alert but calm and relaxed so that you can make the best decisions and choices with the incoming information that you’ve interpreted to the best of the abilities of your senses.

And so now you take in this information and your very powerful tool here is mindfulness, awareness in the present moment in a calm and relaxed state in which you are sufficiently motivated because you understand that it will help you to get closer to your desired outcome.

You’re sufficiently motivated so that you continue to be mindful in the present moment and take the actions that will help you to experience the optimal outcome that is desired by you so that you can continue evolving ever forward and onward in a very conscious, mindful, aware and powerful way that is under your direct control.

I’ll catch you on the next wave…

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