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Environmental Fitness

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(Exercising Your Mind) There’s a very interesting bit of understanding regarding the environment that we’re in and how that affects who we become and what we do.

And yes it’s important; environment is very important.

But let’s take the example of something I’m very familiar with which is being fit. And being fit in a very, way above average experience.

And you know, being fit is not just a matter of what gym I go to. Cuz if it was, all the people in a certain gym would be fit. 

And you know, the people in one gym would all be fit while the people in another gym would all be fat.

Or the people in the gym in California would all be fit while the people in the same gym (brand) in New York would all be fat.

But everywhere we see fit and fat people side by side in all gyms, in the same gym and often engaged in the same exact exercises.

So when two people are in the same gym and on the same exercise routine and machines and equipment and one gets fit while the other remains fat; it shows that getting fit is not primarily just about your gym.

I mean some gyms are more favorable than others, but when two people are in the same gym, and are on the same equipment and the same exercise and one gets fit while the other stays fat; it indicates that getting fit is the result of exercising or doing things in a Certain Way.

And furthermore the ability to do things in this Certain Way is not just about having a certain amount of physical talent like “genetics” as “everybody says”.

Because there’s many people who have great genetics that remain fat, while people who have very poor athletic genetics get very fit.

So studying people who have gotten fit, I find that they are average in all respects.

They have no greater physical talent or ability than other people. 

To me it is evident that they don’t get fit because they possess genetics and abilities that other people don’t; but because they happen to do things in a Certain Way.

Sometimes we do things in a Certain Way not because we were taught, but because we start to build up certain switches, motivations for us continuing to repeat certain behaviors and get fit; while some other people might not be motivated in that direction.

“Times New Roman”>Instead their motivation goes somewhere else and they remain fat.

Fitness or Fatness?

So we can see that two people in the same gym doing the same exercises – and I’ve seen it – can have two completely different results.

There’s a really key factor and a really key ingredient in this formula.

And it’s the exercising, it’s the activity, it’s the practice of doing this in a Certain Way.

So yes, environment is important, we can’t help what environment we’re born into. 

But what we do know now, is that when we come to a certain realization and we change the way that we behave in reaction to this environment; then we have more power.

I’ll catch you on the next brain wave…

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