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Misinformation may have wrongly convinced YOU to be ignorant of your own hypnotic being

Misinformation may have wrongly convinced YOU

To be ignorant of your own hypnotic being

Don’t believe in hypnosis? Think you can’t be hypnotized? This may be the perfect mind set required to keep you safely enslaved.

There are a couple things that “people” say when the subject of hypnosis is brought up.

I myself bring it up often because I feel that it is very important to share the information since I have experienced that understanding it is very powerful.

But some people – you may be one of them – who say “I don’t believe in it“.

And that’s very interesting because I can easily compare that to a sailor or a mariner out on the ocean who relies mainly on his or her navigation instruments.

Maybe one day the navigational instrument known as the compass breaks and it gets stuck in the direction that the sailor wants to be going.

For example let’s say the sailor wants to go North and it gets stuck so it is always pointing North.

The sailor sees this and continues going in the same direction because they believe that the instrumentation is correct.

In the same way you NOT believing in hypnosis, you’re going to be taken where the wind and the waves of the world around you directs you, rather than where you want to direct your energy and your mind.

If you do not believe in hypnosis you are in fact believing!

You are adopting the belief that there is nothing to hypnosis.

Like the sailor on the ship that would say there is nothing to change because this equipment is correct.

And so you miss out on the tools and valuable information to take control of the direction that you go.

Valuable tools that are equal to being able to fix the compass as well as the ability to read the stars using celestial navigation.

This is the equivalent in your life as knowing about what hypnosis is.

Some other people say “I can’t be hypnotized“.

This is the basically saying that you do not learn and remember because hypnosis is basically learning and remembering.

This of course does not mean that everything that you learn and remember you are going to act on. You need another ingredient which is motivation.

Motivation is the switch that powers up what you’ve learned and remembered.

We all are hypnotized if we act on anything that we learn, which is everything that we learn that has been activated by the switch of motivation.

So, understanding hypnosis is very important because it is simply a very natural state of mind.

It’s the reason why commercials and advertisements and other things that we want to learn like in school we repeat them over and over again.

Repetition is one of the Laws of Hypnosis; of Self Hypnosis.

And so things that you repeat, you become familiar with them; and that’s how you learn things and remember them.

You reactivate them by being sufficiently motivated.

This information that I am sharing with you is motivation for you to turn on the switch of your awareness.

The awareness that you have the ability to direct and guide your mind so that you can have things that you desire like relaxation instead of tension, or calm instead of anxiety.

Hypnosis is just how we learn and our behavior is how we act out what we learn.

So how we learn is very important to how we behave. And how we behave determines the results that we get – our outcome.

Are you getting the outcome that you desire?

Catch you on the next wave…

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