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The Chimpz – “Victim”: Music Video From The Album “Who Can I Trust”

Music Video From The Album “Who Can I Trust”

The Chimpz – “Victim”

Right now I am listening to this song for the third time in a row.

When I first got my copy of “Who Can I Trust” from The Chimpz lead guitarist “Scary” Cary Singman and Bassist Shawn Lyon, it was the same.

I listened over and over again until I fell asleep. Then I woke up the next morning and listen a few dozen more times as I organized my living quarters.

I had just been to The Chimpz incredible live show the night before at Paladino’s in Tarzana,
California. I somehow have been privileged to see the best live shows in town.

The Chimpz definitely put on one of the greatest live performances I have had the good fortune to witness. It is an honor to keep company with such talented friends!

In this music video for The Chimpz song “Victim” from their album “Who Can I Trust“, you can see me flying through the air at 0:11 and 1:33!

Along with a handful of other fans and friends of The Chimpz, from The Chimpz Nation, I was invited to participate in this exclusive filming of this music video.

The video was filmed in North Hollywood at The Chimpz rehearsal studio. It was a very laid back video shoot and ran very smoothly.

I don’t know exactly how they felt that it went, but The Chimpz video shoot for “Victim” was one of the most expertly executed music video shoots I have been on.

And I have been on the sets of music videos for Brittany Spears, Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguileira, Ricky Martin, Trina, Trick Daddy, Unda Presha, Endo, and many others while working for Jerry Blohm.

Jerry Blohm is the legendary Art Director who owns the Miami Art Department in Florida.

Enjoy the video. It is pretty BadAss! And make sure to get out to the next show when you can. For sure make it out to the FREE SHOW coming up at The House Of Blues on July 13th 2013. Just 8-days from now!

Directed by Michael Valentino; Assistant Director Shawn Lyon;


Sabian; Schecter Guitars; Equation Audio; Jagermeister; Coffin Case; Outlaw Threads; Bogner Amplification; Anarchy Eyewear; Kubi Snowboards

Produced, engineered and arranged by Ryan Greene

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