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Walking In The Sunlight: Exercise And Photobiology

Exercise And Photobiology

Walking In The Sunlight

I have a deep love and concern for people of all kinds even if I do not know them. I very often feel like crying when I look around the world and often become vexed.

Forgive me my macho bretheren, but I am just a very sensitive person who falls in love with people and cares about them in an “irrational” way.

I can not help but to want for other people all of the wonderful things that I know I would like to have and also for the current blessings I am very grateful to have now.

But one must not mistake my Loving-kindness and sensitivity for being a weakness. because I will just as readily crush someone totally for trespassing as I would hug them.

But that is another story for another day and another web-log. Right now I wish to blog a bit casually about exercise and photobiology.

I notice that there are quite a few people that actually and truly sit on their ass all day long. These people have health issues ranging from high blood pressure to heart attacks.

There are two problems with this that I am going to suggest a remedy for. These are being inactive and the lack of sufficient exposure to sunlight.

So there you have it. This is very simple. You must get up off your ass and walk around in the sunlight.

I know this is very healthy because I do it everyday and I am healthier than all of the people who do not do this.

There is also the fact that walking is a form of exercise that you can use up extra energy sources that would otherwise be stored as fat.

It is also known that sunlight has many health benefits. You might not think so with all the people walking around with umbrellas and sunblock on.

But it is indeed true that we need sunlight to survive and thrive. Sunlight is very good for the human body when absorbed in the right amounts for each individual.

This is something I suggest you look up for yourself. We have to have sunlight for many reasons.

Some of these are for photochemically making vitamin-D which is found in every part of the body and a whole lot in the immune system.

Sunlight also helps our bodies to use cholesterol properly and to make the healthy cholesterol that our bodies need.

I am very convinced from personal experience and observation that many people will make their lives a whole lot better by Walking In The Sunlight.

I am very specifically suggesting Walking In The Sunlight as opposed to just sitting around in the sun. The combination is miraculous.

Being in motion as you are Walking In The Sunlight provides the benefit of a low intensity exercise with fresh air as well that you can practice breathing meditation.

If you are somehow able to add breathing meditation which is as simple as taking deeper and more mindful breaths, you will have a powerful key to awesome health.

There is definitely a connection. All of my life I have witnessed the health and body types of people who sit around all day long and watch television or play video games.

I have also seen the health and body types of people who are active and do things as simple as getting up and walking around just to walk around.

It is really quite spectacular to see the contrast in health and well being. But I do insist that getting a good bit of sunlight is an important factor when you can.

Your health actually depends on it. Some of the people I know who sit around only become less healthy over time.

A few of them now have trouble standing up and sitting down. So imagine how difficult it must be for them to walk.

But this is the simplest thing that can be and should be done. Especially if they can get some sunlight and fresh air to breathe along the way.

And you must surely know that you can not get fresh air and sunlight sitting indoors being sheltered away from the light of the sun and the breeze.

No matter what your level of health and as long as you have legs, Walking In The Sunlight is a very health enhancing activity in so many ways.

Even if you don’t have legs or they do not work like they should, then the sun will still shine and the wind is still blowing.

Your health can be made better simply by being outside. and you never know who you are going to meet that you can bring a smile to each other.

The world is a brilliant adventure awaiting you to make the journey into the beautiful unknown of the new day.

This whole business of exercise and photobiology will be followed up by me in the future at some point with more science stuff. But I just wanted to be chill about it for now.

Get outside the box.

I Believe In You.

Believe In YourSelf.

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