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Sculpting Form Through Function: High Performance Molds A Better Body

High Performance Molds A Better Body

Sculpting Form Through Function

The photos below should demonstrate the importance of food, nutrition, diet in combination with exercise and activity. I have been a trainer for over 15-years.

Even in your down time or being “off-season” you can maintain a more vibrant and functional body. Function is what is most important.

When you focus on high function, then a great looking form will follow. I do not focus on how I look. My focus is on how I feel and what I can do.

This is what is meant by “Sculpting Form Through Function“. The following photos are all very recent of me. I have not changed my exercise routine, only my diet.

Hollywood California; May 29th 2013 (6-pack)

 6 pack

The photograph above that was taken on May 29th 2013, is what my body looks like after two-weeks of binging on entire cartons of cookies from Whole Foods, Cookie Crumble Frappuccinos from Starbucks and entire coffee cakes from Trader Joes.

Sculpting Form Through Function is the process of training your body to be an optimum performance organism that has adapted to the demands of varying exercise intensity.

A very important part of Sculpting Form Through Function is the function of your metabolism in response to what you feed yourself.

Santa Monica California; June 5th 2013


I really must emphasize the importance of diet or what you choose to eat. The above photo dated June 5th 2013 is after just one week of changing my diet.

I have chosen to eat high quality protein and removed all processed sugars completely and consume fruit for my sugar intake instead. I did NOT change my exercise.

Sculpting Form Through Function is achieved by having the discipline to resist the addiction to sugary garbage and fuel your body for performance.

Pasadena California; July 2012 (10-pack)

10 pack

This goofy photo from July 2012 is when I am on a vegan diet for about two or three-weeks. Every once in a while I do this.

Then I begin consuming eggs as my animal protein before moving on to fish, chicken and beef. I always have a great workout routine that is built in to my daily activities.

The gym is not necessary to maintain a great looking body. What is needed is to be active continuously with various types of movements, great food and lots of rest.

The most important part of having a great looking body is having a body that is conditioned to functioning greatly.

This means you have to find a fun variety of exercises and / or activities that challenge you and allow you to enjoy your physical life to the fullest.

High Performance Molds A Better Body. This is NOT body-building. A body builder is not necessarily able to function at a high level and may even be very unhealthy.

Sculpting Form Through Function is all about being as healthy as possible by eating high quality foods in combination with various, fun activities and exercises.

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