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The Hard Way Is The Easy Way: Persistence And Personal Development

Persistence And Personal Development

The Hard Way Is The Easy Way

A lot of fucked up shit happens to a lot of people. But what is the use of crying about it?

There is so much whining and complaining and it serves no actual good use to be sharing it in public.

Maybe it might be okay to cry yourself to sleep when you are alone or punch a pillow.

Maybe you have a gym membership or access to a punching bag. You should hit that to get out some frustration.

Or maybe you are a more peaceful type who likes meditation and yoga. So then lay down, sit, stand or walk and practice breathing meditation.

Or practice yoga with a group or by yourself. Exercise is always a great stress reliever.

Don’t let anyone fool you into buying the idea that you can’t distract yourself from your pain and frustration.

You can do whatever you want. I would suggest healthy ways like the
exercise and breathing or beating shit up like punching bags.

But just understand right now that there is no easy way out. The hard way
is the easy way. If you don’t like that then stop reading.

A lot of people stopped reading because I wrote “fucked up shit” in the first sentence. That’s okay with me.

A lot of that stuff has happened to me. But most of it is probably my own fault. I believe that I created it somehow.

That kind of thinking empowers me to continue moving forward every day. I take full responsibility for all of my failures as well as successes.

There is not a single person on this Earth who can truthfully say that they have seen me be be a whiny, needy and weakly-disciplined person.

I used to even run away from home as young as four years old thinking I could somehow survive the streets of New York.

I have seen people pack up their lives and run home to mummy and daddy because of some of the experiences that I am having right now.

But we can’t all be bad asses can we? I just choose to be. And you can choose to be also. You can feel powerful and in control of yourself anytime.

Notice that I stated that it is in control of YOURSELF. Too many people think that the key to being awesome is to control other people.

This is disgusting and retarded. Even the way that I practice hypnosis has nothing to do with controlling my clients.

Instead I communicate suggestions of empowerment to my clients and associates by being empowered and self-reliant no matter what.

Sure there are people who help me with certain things. I love to have a community of mutually supportive allies.

I understand that a big part of true success is found within harmonious teams working together for a similar or identical goal.

And the journey towards personal development is one that never ends. The person who stops learning and becoming better is dead.

As you continue to create more amazing experiences for yourself; then others will have amazing experiences also.

The development of authentic power lies simply in finding or creating a purpose or goal and creating it every day as if it were brand new.

So many people are looking for a magic button or a red pill to get them out of the tangled web of the matrix of their frustrations.

But there is no such thing. Just like a person who marries for money will earn every penny, so will you pay dearly for trying to find the easy way out.

The easy way is the hard way. Not hard as in complicated or difficult. But hard as in you can’t be a wussy about life and expect to get much.

You can be sweet, gentle, peaceful and loving. Those things are real power. But you don’t have to be a sissy or a fool.

The hard way is persistent, continuous action towards your purpose, goal, vision and mission with faith and belief in your success.

Everyone and everything you touch will become better as a result. If this is not happening then you should check yourself to see if you are truly developing in a way that benefits all whom it effects.

It could also be that the people around you are a bunch of jerks and idiots. In that case, you should probably check out of that situation and work on attracting people who are good for you and you are good for them.

The hard way is the easy way. I know this because I live it. You may have to go through obstacles as you always will when building the life of your dreams.

But just like lifting weight it will build you stronger. And you will attract like minded souls on the same path. They can sense it when you live it.

All the crap about fake it till you make it is false. Just be right now the truth that you are. You will then be doing the things that result from the thoughts of your being. And you will have all the awesome things that come from the greatness that you do.

Our lives are a beautiful journey and we can either give up and lie down to die. Or, we can stand up to be great and fly. The choice is always ours.

Maybe you don’t want to be your best. But what is the point of living like that? I strongly suggest that this be one of your chief aims in life.

This does not mean being THE best. I live a life of original creation not competition. Besides, if you do compete for fun or as a pro athlete, then you must be YOUR best to be the best anyway.

The Hard Way IS The Easy Way. Just build, work, dream and create the life of your dreams right now. At first it may seem difficult. But as you go along, it feels like it gets easier.

But nothing gets easier. You are just always getting better and better in every way, day by day. This is as it should be. And through this, there are surely some quantum leaps.

You will soon find yourself way ahead of anything you have ever done before and you will wonder and marvel with joy and a beautiful smile. A smile is the most magnificent thing that you can wear and share.

I Believe In You.

Believe In YourSelf.

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