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Olympus Has Fallen Down The Rabbit Hole

Olympus Has Fallen Down The Rabbit Hole

Some Science Guys Play With Vibrating Things

Edwin Hubble is the guy that we get the name for the Hubble Telescope from, is also the person that is credited with first widely publicizing the idea that our Universe is expanding.

Hubble’s idea is based off of the same concept as the Doppler Effect. This effect was named after an Austrian Physicist named Christian Doppler.

From experience, you know the Doppler Effect through a common occurrence. An example is when a car is moving towards you, at first the sound of the engine or music sounds lower than normal the further away it is.

As the car gets closer, the sound of the music or engine sounds higher. This is because of


The closer the car is, the MORE frequent the sound vibration waves follow each other.

As the car drives away, the LESS frequent the sound vibrations follow each other.

Higher frequency equals higher sound, while lower frequency equals lower sound.

Keannu Reeves Takes A Big Pill

Edwin Hubble demonstrated that our Universe was expanding because the light from most of the observed stars was being captured by telescopes in the red end of the light spectrum.

This is because as the stars move away, the light waves are farther apart and the frequency is lower. Lower frequencies show up as the color red.

If most of the stars were moving towards each other and our galaxy, then the light wave frequency would be higher. Higher frequencies show up as the color blue.

Red is an expanding Universe. Blue is a collapsing Universe.

Neo-Keannu took the RED PILL in THE MATRIX. This symbolized the expansion of his Universe, his consciousness, his awareness.

If he would have taken the BLUE PILL, then his Universe, his consciousness, his awareness would have collapsed upon him and kept him trapped in THE MATRIX.

Olympus Mons, Great Spots and  Mauna Kea

Olympus Mons is the tallest mountain that Earth’s astronomers have identified in our solar system and it is located at 19.5 degrees north of the equator on Mars; a planet covered in RED EARTH.

Mauna Kea is the tallest mountain on Earth from the sea floor to the peak, and is also located at 19.5 degrees north on the Earth’s equator. It is surrounded by BLUE WATER.

The Great Red Spot on Jupiter is located at 19.5 degrees south of its equator.

The Great Dark Spot on Neptune, is located at 19.5 degrees south of its equator.

Spots, Pills, Mountains, Universes and Your Mind.

Will you choose to allow your awareness to collapse upon itself?

Or do you seek for the expansion of consciousness?

I Believe In You.

Believe In YourSelf.

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