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Ultimate Optimizer Billionaire Secrets: The Total Optimal Health Formula

When You Exercise Your
Master-Mind And Invest The Money That Grows On Trees Into Your Body; You
Will Enjoy The Billion-Dollar Experience That Optimal Health Is The
Truest Of All Wealth.

People do not necessarily wish to be billionaires. People really want to have the EXPERIENCES OF BILLIONAIRES. I am not saying that people do not want to be billionaires, have BILLIONS OF DOLLARS or billions of whatever currency will help them feel wealthy.

What I am highlighting is the fact that many people really want to have the independence, lifestyle and health of what they think billionaires with the ideal life are having.

Note that I wrote it is what people think about the EXPERIENCES OF BILLIONAIRES.
You may have a certain perceptions of what a billionaire lives like.
Maybe your examples are from well known celebrity billionaires with
exciting lives such as Oprah Winfrey and Richard Branson.

Maybe your examples are of billionaires from fantasy stories like Bruce Wayne and BatMan or Tony Stark and IronMan. Whatever your ideal
or assumption about billionaires is and wherever it comes from, it may
be a lot better than the experience of many real-life billionaires. Just
because someone is financially wealthy does not mean that they are
healthy, happy, appreciative and grateful.

Money means nothing, titles means nothing if you don’t have your health.”
-Dr. Ben Carson, M.D.

In fact, when you experience Optimal Health, you are living the ultimate Billion-Dollar Experience!
The problem that most people who are experiencing health and yet do not
feel wealthy is that they are still equating wealth with the trinkets
and things that they may not have. This is the missing link in Optimal Health.

The Total Optimal Health Formula is Physical and MENTAL HEALTH.
if you are not grateful and appreciative of the things that you already
have, including your good health, this is not being mentally healthy.

Being sad, depressed and resentful is poor mental health. You may as well be
locked away in a mental asylum. This is the way that you imprison
yourself when you are without gratitude for what you have.

This is especially if you have good health and do not feel grateful for it.
Eventually your ungrateful and unappreciative attitude will begin to
destroy your good health from the inside out.

So the Ultimate Optimizer of Optimal Health is GRATITUDE & APPRECIATION for the good health that you have. Remember that status, titles and MONEY MEANS NOTHING IF YOU DON’T HAVE YOUR HEALTH. And good mental health is a major part of the Total Optimal Health Formula.

We are all Master-Minds. But if you do not Exercise Your Mind you become an enslaved mind. Because If You Do Not Master Your Own Mind, it is certain that someone else will master your mind.


People have their minds mastered by others all the time when they allow
themselves to be controlled by things outside themselves. When you eat
what the fast food companies are serving you and suffer bad health that
you don’t want, your mind is being controlled by the fast food companies.

When you allow yourself to be stressed-out, depressed and feel hopeless
because the media says that the economy is terrible and the country you
live in is headed for darker days, your mind is being controlled by the media.

When you isolate yourself in loneliness even though you enjoy people, when
you live in fear that what you have will be taken away, when you work so
much that you have no time, freedom or independence to spend with
friends, family, pets and other things that you love because all of your
time is going to getting money; your mind is controlled by the money.

Money is not the goal. Its what the money provides you is the goal.” –Lawrence Tam

Whatever your ideal or assumption about billionaires is and wherever it comes
from, it may be a lot better than the experience of many real-life
billionaires. So it is really that you want the freedom, independence
and health of your ideal billionaire, not necessarily that you want to
be a billionaire yourself.

I certainly encourage the attraction and EARNING OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS
for anyone who can do so while still having a great life full of
happiness ad health as well. But the real good life is what the money
provides you, not the money itself.

So to have the Billion-Dollar Master-Mind Experience, it is up to you to Exercise Your Mind and Invest in your body the Money That Grows On Trees, you must apply this “SECRET“:

Gratitude and Appreciation when combined with good health are the completion of
this formula and the key to unlocking the secret of the experiences of

Take the time to be grateful, loving and joyful for
the good health you have now; for the good friends you have now, for the
loving family you have now.

In this way the Total Optimal Health Formula will work for you as the Ultimate Optimizer of your life. And you will know for sure


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