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What Is Your P.I.N.? Enter Your Secret Code Number For Depositing Value Into Your Life

With no clear picture of how you wish your life to be, how on earth can you begin to live it?” – Michael E. Gerber, The E Myth Revisited

(Exercising Your Mind) Do you have the desire to break free of the toil of the working world? Does it bother you to live paycheck to paycheck?

Why are you grateful for being alive? Are you grateful for being alive?

Have you decided with certainty what your definite purpose is in life? Why are you here?

You may have the Entrepreneur’s Spirit!

The interesting thing about making decisions is that we can upgrade them.
Upgrading is a bit different from simply changing. Upgrading from older
decisions is the action of adding new information from past learning
that moves you closer to your predetermined goals. Upgrading is the
activity of “progressively realizing your worthy ideal.”

Do you know why I am grateful? Do you even care why I am grateful? I will tell you anyway. I am grateful because I have FREE – WILL. This means that the CREATOR, the UNIVERSE, GOD, or whatever you name your HIGHERPOWER, allows the creation of our own reality.

We can create our own reality and it can be a good reality or a bad
reality. It can be an experience of things that we want or of things
that we do not want. We have the free will to make good decisions or to
make bad decisions and then experience the consequences.

From direct experience with shattering my own limiting beliefs, I know that
you and anyone else can do so. Not only can you shatter old and limiting
beliefs; but you can create NEW BELIEFS that lift you up!

If old thought has not been working for you the way that you want, then NEW-THOUGHT of a certain kind will begin to work for you exactly the way that you wish.

One of the tools I offer for creating new and productive thoughts that help to create better and more joyful experiences is

Acronym Mnemonic Processing (AMP).

As you may know, an acronym is a word in which each letter represents
another full word. For example the word PIN for financial access
transactions (fat) usually represents the words Personal Identifications

It is a generic word used in the banking and business world. But in order to personalize the word for
reprogramming your subconscious mind, you may now think of PIN as your Passive Income Number.

The idea has evolved from a practice that I practice of creating Fortune From Failure.
If you are very active and consistently seeking greater life experience
for yourself and to share with others, you will probably experience a
lot of failure.

We know a-thousand ways NOT to build a light bulb.”     –Thomas Edison

One of the great fortunes I have created was by reprogramming my subconscious with what the word EVIL means to me. I created an acronym that represents

Evolving Visionary Innovative Leader

This was because when I was the composer, author and vocalist for several
South Florida Death Metal Bands, people used to say my music was evil.
It was coming from so many people that I began to self-sabotage my
musical pursuits and eventually got kicked out of my favorite band. I
never thought that I or my music was evil, but a lot of ignorant people
almost convinced me otherwise.

People question people’s motives who have bad motives themselves.” –Dave Wood

I began this type of reprogramming way before I formally began training
in subconscious reprogramming and Behavioral Science at the Hypnosis Motivation Institute (HMI).

HMI happens to be “America’s 1st Nationally Accredited College of Hypnotherapy
and is now the ONLY Nationally Accredited College of Hypnotherapy due
to the high standards and quality of the education. I was fortunate
enough to graduate from that school as a Master-Hypnotist with a degree in Clinical Hypnosis.

A Decision long ago was made to identify a market demand that was not
being served and create a valuable product or service to provide to that
market as an entrepreneur. I knew that I would have to sculpt an
appropriate message to that market and effectively communicate it to
that market.

But the first step was to reprogram my own mind for success and deliver that mind revolutionizing
message to myself. I realized that one of the things that you may really
hate is poverty. You may also very much dislike working for employers
who would take advantage of you and talk down to you.

Feeling the same way I decided that the ideal entrepreneur’s spirit would be
best served by first programming into myself and then others the idea of
being a PIG or a

Passive Income Generator.

Oink, oink! Get over it. Think outside of the box and stop being
prejudiced against our mud-bathing swine friends. The point of using
words that may sometimes offend your sensibilities is to realize just
how ridiculous these soft spots we have in our feelings actually are.

One of the first action steps to take in being able to generate passive
income is to decide or determine exactly how much income you would like
to have passively attracted to and flowing to you. This is where the Passive Income Number is very POWERFUL.

Just like when you are driving or walking somewhere, it is best to first
have the directions. In the same way, the Passive Income Number may
serve you as a direction in which to help drive you towards your goal.

I have never been a teacher of financial prosperity because I have not
realized the type of financial prosperity that I really want. But I have
achieved a state of BELIEF, FAITH and PERSISTENCE that I am able to very effectively transmit to others.

Stuarts Wilde wrote in his book “The Trick To Money Is Having Some” that “any guru who does not drive a Rolls Royce is a scum bag.
I agree with what that statement means. It is that there are a lot of
people teaching prosperity who are not themselves prosperous and that is
very deceitful as well as dangerous.

“Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.” –Carl Jung

I remember having that feeling very early on and realized that it was
very tempting for me to start teaching prosperity in order to gain
prosperity even though I myself was not yet as prosperous as I desired.

It irritated me very much that there were people doing this. It helped me
to understand that I could possibly become this way just to get ahead in
a dishonest way. But I am glad I have refrained from this course of

Instead, I do know how to MOTIVATE and INSPIRE the BELIEF and FAITH that the achievement of your goals is ABSOLUTELY POSSIBLE! I know that this is the obstacle to most of you even deciding to take the risks to get more from life.

I know that because of my many successes, that the starting point of all achievement is the BELIEF that you can ACHIEVE your DESIRE. The Passive Income Number is the launchpad of this belief.

This number is different for everyone. But once you decide what this Secret
Code Number is, you can begin to immediately deposit more value into
your life. By depositing higher value into life, you can then offer more
value to the world around you.

When you effectively communicate this high value to others and the world around you, you will be rewarded by activating the “Law of Mutual Exchange.” But in order to do this, you must identify your target market by matching up your value with a specific market demand.

When you program your subconscious mind with a high value Passive Income Number,
then you begin to deposit more value into everything that you do. When
everything you do is acted out with more value, it will be very soon
that you are able to create a great deal of value for a market demand
that you can serve and profit abundantly when you effectively
communicate this high value.

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