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HypnoGenomics: The New Science of Hypnotically Inducing Cellular Pluripotentiality

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HypnoGenomics: The New Science Hypnotically Inducing Cellular Pluripotentiality.

(Exercising Your Mind) Imagine the possibilities available in health and healing, physiology, medicine and optimum human potential. What would you do with the ability to make changes in your physical body just by thinking about the change you want? What if you could simply imagine yourself transforming and then physically transforming? How amazing would it be if you could access your subconscious mind in a way that would cause physical changes inside you or your appearance?

You can go beyond the physical realm of your genes and instruct your genes how to work for you. By making certain decisions followed by specific actions you may direct your biology to work the way you wish it to. I know this because I do it all the time and have analyzed a few scientific documents that seem to fully supports the idea.

You are instructing your genes also. However, you may be doing so by default and not consciously programming the direction of your genetic, cellular, biological and physical activity. Because of this, you may be experiencing results that you do not desire.

“Biological behavior can be controlled by invisible forces, including thought, as well as it can be controlled by physical forces like penicillin, a fact that provides the scientific underpinning for pharmaceutical-free, energy medicine.”
Bruce Lipton, PhD.; The Biology of Belief, p84 -2005

Because you are able to modify your behavior by thinking a certain way you can alter your genes and be your own personal epigenetic engineer. By revealing your ultimate intelligence and commanding your highest emotions, you can enjoy your optimal health. Quite simply make the decision to manage your stress, emotions and nutrition, and you modify your genes.

Specialized cells such as nerve-cells, bone-cells, muscle-cells, skin-cells, hair-cells, nail-cells and other cells can be reprogrammed to become like stem cells capable of turning into any other specialized cell type. The genetic code in mature, specialized cells retain the information necessary to develop into any other specialized cell type. Human cells can be reprogrammed.

Pluripotentiality refers to to ability of something, in this case cells and genes, to develop in more than just one way. It is basically the two words “plural”, meaning more than one, and “potential”, meaning capability or possible power to do. Pluripotency or pluripotentiality is the power of genes to express in many different ways.

You already know that the body is connected to the brain. Thoughts are processed in the brain. By processing thoughts in a certain, powerful way through the subconscious mind, you can transform your body from the genetic level.

The subconscious mind is controlled by the conscious mind. The subconscious mind passes instructions to the superconscious. The superconscious operates in the physical world through a person experiencing optimum performance in the collective consciousness. The superconscious is then, one of the closest types of communication with Infinite Intelligence or Universal Mind that is in fact, Source.

By using your conscious direction of thoughts to be planted in the subconscious mind, you are able to allow Source Energy or Infinite Intelligence to influence your body’s biochemical mechanics. The concept is simple. You must over-write any limiting beliefs about your ability to physically change or heal yourself by using your thoughts.

If you have doubt that your mind can change or heal you, this is merely a belief that you have accepted. Just because you believe something does not mean that it is true. In order for you to influence and alter the expression of our genes and even the structure of your genes, you must change the limiting factors of mind if there are any.

This is where the real work must be done. Because the subconscious mind has millions of times more information processing power than does the conscious mind. So if you attempt to use your conscious will against the subconscious mind and its programming – the subconscious mind will always win.

You have to access the subconscious mind in order to change, enhance or improve your pre-programmed beliefs. There are many techniques and methods to do this. I am most familiar with the behavioral science of hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming, meditation and a few others that are similar.

Physical scientists in physiology and medicine are able to use mechanical, chemical and genetic engineering techniques to induce cellular changes at the genetic level. It is no stretch of truth to understand that you can use the power of your mind to do the same. Your mind is processed through your brain. The brain is biochemically and phsyiologically connected to your body. The body is made of the tissues which are made of cells that contain the genetic material under your influence.

Your confident, focused and clear thoughts can be used to alter your body when directed at changes beliefs on the subconscious level. By making the changes from your own subconscious beliefs, you can experience fantastic changes from within. In this way we can all be more effective at influencing positive and constructive changes in the world outside.

HypnoGenomics: is a term coined by Hakeem Alexander for HypnoAthletics, UniquilibriuM and Health Propulsion Laboratories (HPL). The New Science Hypnotically Inducing Cellular Pluripotentiality.

This is a rough draft and will be expanded upon shortly.

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