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UniquilibriuM Fire-Snake Rising in the New-Moon Majick

By Hakeem Alexander

(Exercising Your Mind) Tonight the New Moon rises, at least it does from these coordinates which designate my position on Earth of 34o, 9′ 33″-North and 118o, 30′ 4″-West in Encino, California.

Creating my own personalized Self-Hypnosis Exercise, I have decided to integrate a few Divination Tools and accept that which I desire to make up my being without regard to those things I do not desire.

In this way I am mentally replacing the old energies or transmuting them, rather than leaving a void which can be filled by default with unwanted habit force energies.

Yesternight, 4-20-2012, is a New Moon as is tonight, which according to my Lunar Sorcery or Moon Majick, signifies the death of old and undesired energies.

Yesterday was also a personal numeral-9 day for me, this enhances this energy of laying to rest the unwanted energies of before with this particular numerical and lunar combination.

Tonight being a New Moon is a numeral-1 day for me starting a new cycle, having yesterday as a numeral-9 day.

This is also a positive enhancement for what this New Moon may signify as a new beginning that leads into a creative cycle for me as I have chosen to accept such a fertile alignment.

Just like the resonance of Osiris being killed by Seth and then resurrected by Isis, the first part of the New Moon of yesternight represents the death of my inner, undesirable Osiris energies.

Tonight’s New Moon represents the resurrection of a new, desirable and more powerful inner Osiris by union of the resonance of Isis into the New-Born Horus.

Horus is more versatile and adaptable than both Osiris and Isis as he is the combination of both death and life.

As a September born Virgo (Isis), 2nd in natural order of Earth Signs, I may also make the connection that Virgos strive to bring order out of chaos.

This is like the New Moon symbology described above as being both death (chaos) and resurrection / life / birth (order).

I may accomplish this by the resurrection of my practical, material, adaptable and changeable traits associated with Virgo, ruled by Mercury through intellect, reason and communication.

Through Numerology I am a numeral-5 by birth which suggests an intellectual nature, expressive in writing and speech, being adaptable and enthusiastic.

5 is also represented by the planet Jupiter, the Greek god Zeus and the day Friday, which was the first part of the New Moon on Friday, 4-20-2012.

Using my full name, I am guided by the numeral-9 which imparts natural talent, skills and abilities through an inspirational, dynamic, organized and energetic disposition.

I also add to this energetic synthesis the powerful connection of my Fire-Snake designation through Chinese Astrology, having been born between February 18th 1977 and February 6th 1978.

According to Chinese Astrology, the Ranking Order of the Snake is 6th, the Season of the Snake is Spring which has recently begun, and the Principle Month of the Snake is May, which is a little over one-week away.

Not only is my Fixed-Element Fire, I was also born the year of the Fire-Snake, enhancing the qualities of being intellectual, wise, philosophical, calm and understanding.

This integration of systems has been determined by my self; thus it is my self-determined and personally assigned qualities that I choose to designate for myself.

According to my adaptive and synthetic interpretation of these Divination Systems, I am beginning a New Season which is ripe for a fruitful harvest should I align myself with the favorable energies of the times.

For whatever evolutionary processes for myself I decide this to mean, like the Kundalini, I am the Fire-Snake rising.

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