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Moon Majick: Infusing Lunar Phases with Numerology as a Self-Hypnosis Tool

By Hakeem Alexander

(Exercising Your Mind) All hypnosis is self-hypnosis.

This is true even when we are not aware that we are hypnotizing ourselves.

If we are not aware of, and therefore not using the information that we hypnotize ourselves, we leave ourselves open to being hypnotized against our will.

Self-hypnosis is as common as this rhyming set of processes that I’ve labelled thinking, linking and inking.

These are more commonly known by many hypnotists as repetition, association and impression, or the “Laws of Self-Hypnosis”.


Because we spend a lot of our time at different levels of awareness thinking, we are repeating ideas to ourselves.

Often these repeated thoughts are linked or associated with physical feelings and / or emotions which inks or impresses the ideas and concepts on our subconscious.

Impression on the subconscious is one of the main components that drives the expression of our behavior and is many orders of magnitude more powerful than our will-power alone.

This is the meaning of “against our will”.

Whenever the subconscious goes up against the conscious or will, the subconscious will usually win.

As a fun and interesting Self-Hypnosis Exercise (SHE), I have created my own unique Divination Tool by combining my fascination with the Moon that orbits Earth and mystical-math or Numerology.

I have done this as a way to increase my level of self-determinism.

What this means is that I am using this tool to ensure that more of my behaviors are based on my own true core beliefs and values, rather than the values and beliefs of others through default.

I have decided to call this Lunar Sorcery or Moon-Majick.

Lunar Phases

As you are probably aware, the Moon shows itself to us in many “phases”.

These phases are caused by the Earth blocking out all of the light or none of the light that the Sun shines upon the surface of the Moon, and the various phases in-between.

The New Moon

The New Moon represents the death and / or rebirth and is when the Sun’s light is completely blocked from the Moon and it seems invisible in the night sky.

Following the New Moon, the Moon goes through about 14 to 16 phases on its way to becoming a Full Moon.

Wax On (Waxing)

The Moon is said to be “waxing” and represents growth and maturation and is when it is going from a completely dark New Moon on its way to the Full Moon.

At first it starts off as a “waxing-crescent” where the Moon is concave or curved in like the letter-C backwards just as this parenthesis ), when the curve is facing to the observer’s right.

After the last waxing crescent, the Moon hits a distinguishing phase at which it is half-full (50%) resembling a capital letter-D and is called the First Quarter Moon.

From the First Quarter it becomes a “waxing gibbous” when the flat side of the D shape begins to become convex, pregnant and rounds out to match the curved side of the D.

The Full Moon

The Full Moon represents full-strength, and the final phase before the cycle of death and dying begins.

It is when the Sun’s light is completely shinning on the Moon and it is very visible in the night sky.

Following the Full Moon, the Moon goes through 14 to 16 phases on its way to becoming a New Moon.

Wax Off (Waning)

The Moon is said to be “waning” and represents fading energy and dying and is when it is going from a completely illuminated Full Moon on its way to the New Moon.

At first it starts off as a “waning gibbous” when one side that was round and convex begins to shrink to become flatter.

After the last waning gibbous, the Moon hits another half-full (50%) phase resembling a capitol letter-D backwards when the curve i to the observer’s left like this parenthesis (, and is called the First Quarter Moon.

From the First Quarter it becomes a “waning crescent” when the flat side of the D shape begins to become convex, hollowed and again looks like the letter-C but forward this time when the curve is facing left.

After the last waning crescent the Moon is once again at the beginning of its cycle as a completely dark New Moon.

Mystical Math (Numerology)

Numerology is a Divination Tool that assigns characteristics to the numerals one through nine (1-9) when they are reduced to single digits, and sometimes “Master Numerals” 11, 22 and 33.

The numerals for each individual person are based on their date of birth and the alpha-numeric values of the letters of their name.

Further numerals may be derived from the current year, current month and present day by referencing a person’s birth date.

Each numeral has a value, frequency or vibrational characteristic that can be used to make predictions about an individuals character or life path.

The characteristics of the numerals are listed here very generally as follows:
  1. Masculinity, creativity, leadership, starting new things. (Positron)
  2. Feminine, receptivity, cooperation, teamwork. (Negatron)
  3. Sensuality, sexuality, talkative, life of the party. (Gamma-ray)
  4. Hard work, stability, loyalty.
  5. Freedom, spontaneity, gifted with words, sudden change.
  6. Humanity, sophistication, peacemaking.
  7. Intuitive, discerning, psychic.
  8. Power, money, fame.
  9. Completion and resonates with characteristics of 1 through 8.

Moon Majick (Lunar Sorcery)

Tonight, April 6th 2012 from where I am in Tarzana, Southern California, I can see a Full Moon.

Using the birthday September 17th 1977, we add 9+1+7+1+9+7+7 to get 41 and then 4+1=5. So this life path would be 5.

Next to get this birthday’s personal year, you add the birth-day and month, plus the last birthday for this date that has passed.

For example September 17th 2011 would be 9+1+7+2+0+1+1=21 and then 2+1=3. Then add the number of the month of April which is 4; 3+4=7.

Finally the day which is the 6th; 7+6=13 and then 1+3=4.

So here we have the Life Path as 5; the current year as 3; the current month as 7 and the present day as 4 during a Full Moon.

I simply choose to interpret this as meaning that each of these numerals are at their purest, strongest or FULLEST expression because they concur with the Full Moon.

This would mean that the person with this birthday can get the maximum benefit of all of the good qualities that these associated numerical characteristics represent.

It would be especially effective to focus on the characteristics of the numeral-4 which are hard work, stability and loyalty since it is on the day of the Full Moon.

The vibration of 4 would be the dominant characteristic so that this person would get the greatest benefit from focusing on their work.

While the Moon is waning, you can use this to fade out the energy of any negative habits by allowing them to be blocked out by the shadow of the good and desirable habits and the grounding energy of the Earth.

Once the Moon reaches the New Moon you can completely block out the bad habits and energy with the desirable energy and characteristics and completely block out and symbolically extinguish and bury those energies you don’t want.

While the Moon is waxing, you can use this to light up or illuminate all of the positive and desirable energies, while burning out the unwanted energies and habits.

In this way you take the old dead energy of the bad habits and transmute or change them into better and positive form.

Once the Moon reaches the Full Moon you can fully illuminate and focus on all that is good and bright and fully celebrate the great things in life.

Practicing the art and science of observing the phases of the Moon and making calculations to determine your specific daily numerals, you are impressing yourself with ideas and concepts unique to yourself and are aligned with the cosmos.

This adds a sense of self determinism to your daily activities and gets you involved with the planning of your daily endeavors.

In fact, to fully determine what you want and make it the ultimate self determining, self-hypnosis tool, you can assign any values or characteristics to the numerals and even the phases of the moon that you wish.

Perhaps by starting off with the values suggested, you can then become familiar with them and then change them to match your unique wants and needs.

By actively participating in the divining, planning or predicting of your life path, you are empowering your subconscious mind to work for your will, rather than against your will.

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