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Enrich Yourself by Enriching Others: 5 Powerful Steps for The Law of Mutual Exchange

By Hakeem Alexander

(Exercising Your Mind) One of the foundations of my personal philosophy has been to only engage in transactions that benefit all whom it effects. The key here is that they are transACTIONS.

We must take action to create that which we desire. I emphasize this because there seems to be a lot of “magical thinking” surrounding the Metaphysical, New Thought and Law of Attraction movement.

From my personal research and experience, “something for nothing” is not a part of this philosophy. Nor can I imagine why anyone would promote such a thing or engage in such useless wishful thinking without effective personal action, which is based upon the Law of Mutual Exchange.

Mutual Exchange means that we must take actions here and now, to provide our world with things that are wanted, needed and useful to others, as well as ourselves.

This can only be in the form of personal SERVICE, or products.

If we seek wealth for example, we must provide others with more in service value than the cash they give us. We must be willing to “go the extra mile.” This does not mean stressing yourself, overextending, or being used by people.

It does mean doing your best and giving the best quality of service, or whatever you offer as possible.

Positive thinking is fine all by itself and is certainly better than negative thought patterns.

And it is quite true that outer conditions are the result of our inner thoughts, that is, we do not see anything outside of ourselves that we do not first believe within ourselves.

The outer world is merely the objectification of our subjective inner consciousness.

However, it may be the height of self-delusion to think that by our positive thoughts alone, we will be causing things outside of ourselves to change.

While it is certainly scientifically proven that our thoughts can and do effect our own bodies, even to the point of being able to create different states of health, mentality, and even influence our DNA; attempting to will the material world around us to order as we wish without personal action is somewhat foolish.

We have no right to try to use our will alone on things outside of us anyway. It would be disrespectful to God (if you believe) and the Universe to do so.

Our efforts must expand through and integrate all planes; the physical, energetic, mental, intuitive and spiritual planes.

Trying to make others do things for us without Mutual Exchange using mental power is just as criminal as doing so by physical force, and can by this account, no longer be considered positive thinking.

Besides this, positive thinking is just a beginning.

We should be more concerned with affirmative thoughts or, affirmative prayer. Affirmation is much more powerful, and should be offered universally with respect.

So here are five (5) powerful steps for taking ACTION when setting affirmations, and achieving goals successfully.

It is suggested that you make this into a 30 day scientific, self-hypnosis experiment (s.h.e.). This should be enough to form a new habit. Then you solidify the reality of it by repeating the experiment for another 30 days.

To change our actions, we must first have a change of heart, or recondition our subconscious minds. This is precisely how “we become what we think about” and make our “thoughts become things.”

First, begin with GRATITUDE for where you currently are. It may be difficult if there is poverty, disease and sadness in your environment, but you are still here.

As the saying goes, what hasn’t killed you makes you stronger.

So be thankful, because one who knows they have enough, despite all appearances, will surely gain the strength and momentum to move on towards inspiring abundance.

The one thing you certainly have the most control over, even as difficult as it may seem, is your own mind.

Gratitude is one of the best Loving emotions necessary to be mixed with the other steps to infuse them with Infinite Power.

Second, set a DEFINITE GOAL. Paraphrasing Earl Nightingale, If there was a ship without a captain, crew, starting point or destination, it would barely leave harbor let alone avoid crashing upon the rocks somewhere or being lost at sea. But with a captain, crew, destination and so forth, 9 times out of 10 the ship would reach its goal.

You must set a destination point and a goal to move towards.

This removes feelings of worry and fear in many ways by removing the aimless feelings associated with a lack of a definite goal. This goal should be one that creates transactions that benefit all whom it effects; including of course, you!

Third, VISUALIZE, imagine, and daydream your goal in order to impress it upon your subconscious mind. This step when mixed with or associated with the joyful state of gratitude, creates the very necessary BELIEF in the goal and your ability to attain it.

Because “seeing is believing.” See yourself providing a product or service that is wanted, needed or useful to the world. It is very crucial to practice deep breathing when creating these mental images. This is a very important part of building self-confidence from within.

Fourth, create FAITH through persistence. Create a verbal affirmation or mantra or, better yet, write down your goal. This verbal or written affirmation should be read aloud at least once daily, preferably when you wake up in the morning as a reminder, and give you something to strive for. This will help to add energy to your actions in the present.

A more definitive method would be to read it 30 minutes before you sleep and within the first 30 minutes upon waking up. Doing this persistently each day will certainly build faith. Persistence is another word for faith; because if you didn’t have faith, you would never persist.

Last, you must take ACTION. The only time and place that you can act is HERE and NOW. The only opportunity you have to be happy is now. Whatever your present location, job, position, state of health or finances -you must act on them now.

Work at whatever you are doing with the renewed energy you have gifted to yourself by being grateful, setting a goal, visualizing it, and developing faith. The first four steps will actually increase your energy without changing much else about your lifestyle.

However, a word about lifestyle is appropriate here. We must understand completely that we live on at least three primary planes of existence. We have a body, mind, and if you believe, a spirit.

Since we live primarily in our bodies and do a lot of thinking, it would be best that we provide the optimum conditions for these thoughtivities. A basic self care protocol consists of the following elements:

  • Eat a sensible diet and drink plenty of water,
  • Participate in moderate amounts of exercise such as daily walks, and
  • Take care to relax and rest with breathing exercises, meditation and sleep.
  • Smile often.

Combining the five powerful steps with the appropriate self care protocol, will certainly supercharge our vigor and vitality. In addition, self care might just be the simple changes you need to make, to achieve a goal of renewed physical health and mental well being.

Begin your self hypnosis experiment, and share it once you have gained some momentum and have realized the power within the five steps and self care. This in itself would be providing a service that is wanted, needed and useful for so many.

From conception to action, you have the power to bring into being all that is for the benefit of all whom it effects, including yourself, through the Law of Mutual Exchange!


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