Psychematics: The Kinematics of Behavioral Science

Magnitude and Direction (Exercising Your Mind) We can wait for the things we want to happen, or we can make the things happen that we want. We can make the things happen that we want by unlocking the secrets of … Continue reading

The Newtonion Codex

Whatever I study, I also change. (Exercising Your Mind) The ability to control future experiences should be a highly sought after ability and set of skills. This is because everything in our lives depends upon the quality of experiences we … Continue reading

Hypnosis is a Metaphysical Truth

(Exercising Your Mind) It has been a life-long struggle for me to get right in my head. For a while I did not like the name Hakeem Alexander. But the point of what I am sharing with you here right … Continue reading

New Moon Straight Edge PodCast [March 20th]

(Exercising Your Mind) Representing some breakthrough ideas for Personal Development. Based on a different way of thinking about Metaphysics as M.E.T.A.-Physics. READ: The Hard Way is the Easy Way: Persistence and Personal Development Any-time any-one attempts to discourage you from … Continue reading

Magic Of The Hypnotic Abyss

The Hypnotic Abyss Magic BEGIN TRANSCRIPT. Why do we believe in magic? Maybe I should say ‘Why do I believe in magic?’ Why do I want to believe in magic? It’s so difficult sometime to face the fact that, in … Continue reading

Olympus Has Fallen Down The Rabbit Hole

Spots, Pills, Mountains, Universes and Your Mind.
Will you choose to allow your awareness to collapse upon itself?
Or do you seek for the expansion of consciousness?

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M.E.T.A.-Physics: The Reality of Royalty

What this is in reality telling us, is that we are one-hundred percent responsible for creating and causing all of our experience. Therefore, if we are willing to take one-hundred percent responsibility for our lives, then we can build or re-build our experience and lives however it is that we would like it to be.

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HypnoAthletics: Possible GeoPhysical and Hypnotic Influences on Observed Correlations in Astrology

I thought it would be interesting to look into what Astrology’s predictions might have to do with a unique combination of the intensity of sunlight, temperature, latitude either north or south of the equator and whether it is day or night when one is born. It is no far stretch of the imagination to think that seasonal changes and variations in sunlight may have significant effects on personality and behavior.

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ElectroMagnetic Stimulation of the Mind, Body and Spirit

disease conditions may be caused by disruptions in EMFs or ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) waves in or around humans

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Impaled Sky

Beaming for one and a half hours can generate the power equal to a Hydrogen Bomb.

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