Your Soul is a Light. What Are You Projecting OnTo The World With Such Power?

(Exercising Your Mind) You know how film projectors work, right? There is a film, called celluloid, that is like a plastic with images printed on the slides, or frames. These slides are on a roll that is connected to a … Continue reading

Wake Up Now 1

1 Wake Up Now (Exercising Your Mind) One of the things about your dreams is that you do not always remember them. I mean this literally, and figuratively as an example or metaphor. Because we all do dream, it is … Continue reading

Hypnosis 3

3 Hypnosis (Exercising Your Mind) As soon as you can change your idea of hypnosis from only being this specialized thing where watches are swinging, swirling vortexes are spun before your eyes, and people are clucking like dogs and barking … Continue reading