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Mind Power Maps Inception Extraction Deception

Inception Extraction Deception

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(Exercising Your Mind) What is the difference between inception and extraction? If you do not know, then you may be the victim of a whole lot of deception.

Hypnosis in all of its forms including those that are constructive or destructive is everywhere in our society. There is hypnosis in every form of media for your good and for your bad.

You can determine most clearly how hypnosis effects you when you know the basics of what hypnosis is all about.

You can reference the essay I wrote called

>UniquilibriuM: Inception. Extraction. Deceptionon April 1st 2012.

Yes. April Fools Day.

Because if you don’t know hypnosis, you are very likely being fooled by it.

The fictional movie INCEPTION suggests that the process of inception is more difficult to carry out than an extraction.

An inception is the planting of an idea in someone else’s mind so that they believe that the idea is their own and then make decisions and act out behaviors based on those ideas that they believe are their own.

An extraction is when a person is taking the information from someone’s mind, extracting, basically mind reading from the other person.

The deception is

the idea that inception is more difficult than extraction.

The reality is completely flip-side and here’s how it works exactly.

It is not a vague psychological concept.

It is instead something that you can take immediate action based on your new awakening.

Once you understand this you will know exactly what I am talking about because you will be able to very easily relate to this concept.

Use this following analogy:

An extraction is the equivalent of plugging some wires into your head, and then having those wires transmit thoughts from you onto a screen, so that other people can see your thoughts.

An inception is equivalent of turning on a TV or movie screen, or playing some audio; or having you read something, and then having the material that you take in from outside influence your brain.

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So which one is more difficult?

To receive information from a TV or a movie screen or from the radio or from a book? Or,

To have the material being read from your brain onto a screen or into a book or out of the speakers?

Of course, it is extraction.

It is much more difficult to read your mind than it is to feed your mind.

Inception is as simple as taking in the information from the outside.

Extraction is trying to squeeze the information out of your brain.

If you believe otherwise than you are a victim of deception.

Catch you on the next brain wave.

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