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Sleep Awareness Week: HypnoAthletics Lucid Oneironautics Division (HALO-Delta)

By Hakeem Alexander

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(Exercising Your Mind) As long as I can remember, I have been participating in lucid dreams. I had no concept that there existed any other type of dreams except for the ones I was having in which I had partial control over the content and proceedings of the dream environment.

I assumed that my experiences were similar to everyone else’s dream experiences. Therefore, I did not consider it a special circumstance that one had to develope. I readily enjoyed these experiences almost every night – and I still do!

“The trees are taller where the land is earlier;

And if the trees are taller where a (K)night has fallen,

There, I do not carry my lamp.”

This little piece of prose or poem came to me, word-for-word, many years ago in one of my lucid dreams. I am not fully aware of what it means, but I find it fascinating that I have been able to actually read, remember and write out some information I experienced in a dream.

To me, this is a clue that the dream world may be a resource that contains a wealth of knowledge for profound and powerful personal development and evolution; or at the least, a retreat for exciting recreation and exploration.

Once again, I did not always consider my experiences to be significant; but when I began to research the topic, the implications were made apparent.

The motivation for looking further into the matter of lucid dreams was because when I would relate the dream stories to people, they appeared surprised and even disbelieved that I recalled my nightly dreams. They were even more shocked that I was telling them that I could control many aspects and features of the dreams.

Lucid dreaming has been for me, a virtual-reality platform for many years. Most of the time, I defy the known laws of physics with ease and live as a Super-Human within the expanses of my dreaming mind.

When I am dreaming, my abilities are driven by a very powerful and accurate form of what paranormal researchers would call Psycho-Kinesis, or PK., if they were being demonstrated in the “real-world” when I am “awake”.

Using my P.K., I am able to fly, manifest various objects, move things around in whatever way and to wherever I wish, change the form of myself and other objects and people, become invisible, have incredible strength, visit other planets, galaxies and worlds of all kinds, and a very long list of other exciting abilities that are not always available to me when not dreaming.

Just imagine any comic-book, movie or video-game character with extraordinary abilities and you will have a pretty good idea of some of the possibilities available in the realm of lucid-dreams.

HypnoAthletics Lucid Oneironautics Division (HALO-Delta)

As a professional Hypnotist, I learned that the Greek God of Sleep is called Hypnos. Later, I learned that Hypnos has a son called Oneiros, who is the God of Dreams. Just as an Astronaut is an explorer of the stars, an Oneironaut is an explorer of dreams.

Thus, I have established a working concept to explore my dream adventures called HALO-Delta to organize my observations and research. I would like to share my personal methods and techniques for becoming aware that I am dreaming, as well as those procedures I have discovered to gain some measure of control when I am lucid.

Sufficient Time to Sleep

One of the main ingredients to launching a lucid dream experience was having plenty of time to stay in bed and or sleep undisturbed in order to allow the experience to play itself out. I am not likely to have lucid dreams if I am not able to have at least six hours of sleep or more.

The Law of Attraction Promotes Total Recall

My first lucid dream experiences were spontaneous, meaning that there was no effort on my part that I was aware of, to create these experiences. However, I do recall that when I got carried away by the excitement and anticipation of having lucid dreams, they became much more frequent and vivid.

So my next advice to share would be to have an enthusiastic intention to at first be able to remember your dreams.

In this way you would be using what some Metaphysicists call “The Law of Attraction” to manifest “Total Recall‘ of your dreams.

Just tell yourself silently or out-loud that you will realize that you are dreaming throughout the day and / or just as you are drifting off to sleep and you will be well on your way to the first step – dream recall.

Lucidity and Plasticity

It may happen, as it is not uncommon, that you will begin to remember your dreams without too much effort after just the first intention! While this is exciting, it may not always happen.

Remain encouraged and enthusiastic and you will eventually begin to remember your dreams more frequently and easily.

Once you have got the recall part more consistently, you will then be more able to be aware, or lucid, which immediately comes before plasticity, which is the ability to control or change certain aspects of your self or dream environment at will.

This is actually as simple as it is. Remain in bed or asleep long enough to continue dreaming, practice dream recall with enthusiastic intention, and then become aware that you are dreaming and begin making changes by using your thoughts and desires.

For me this has worked quite well because it is simple. There has been no more to it and I have never bothered to explore very many other techniques or methods since I have no problems with initiating lucid dream experiences almost every night that I dream.

The fact is that everybody dreams even if they don’t remember that they do. The key is to come to this understanding and then take advantage of this awareness and create the conditions in which you are able to explore your own mind in productive or constructive ways.

One of the ways I put this “ability” to good use is by learning and / or rehearsing various abilities and scenarios in my dreaming mind. I also create art, invent devices, extract information and store data or memories.

I have the understanding that there is a virtually unlimited potential through practicing lucid dreaming and I have barely scratched the surface.

Having these experiences in themselves have helped me to enjoy sleeping more while being productive, while at the same time benefiting from a good night’s sleep on a consistent basis.

Nightmares and Dark Terrors – Harmless Illusions

Although I have had my fair share of scary experiences in the dream world, I have obviously lived to tell the tales of my adventures again and again.

At first when I believed in the power of ghosts and other super-natural boogey-men that might do me harm, certain images in my dreams were quite frightening.

However, as time passed and I continually awoke unharmed, I became empowered by creating my own dream organizations and recruiting imaginary companions to form an invincible force within my dreaming mind.

While I am sure that there may be some susceptible individuals who might be psychologically scarred by any given experiences that occur in the realm of dreams, I have personally never experienced any physical harm, nor have I been afflicted with any lasting mental damage, In fact the reverse is true.

Because of my dream experiences, I have decreased my levels of confusion and stress in the waking world, thereby improving my physical health.

I have also become more confident and empowered in psycho-spiritual and social ways that have improved my overall mental capacity and health.

Absolute Power

I have stated several times that I have the ability to control or change certain aspects of the dream environment at will.

What I would like to emphasize however, is that I have not ever exercised absolute power and control over everything. I do not even desire to be able to do this. Somehow I feel that this would defeat the purpose of evolving.

Many times, even though I make courageous attempts, I am not able to read or remember certain parts of the dream, and certainly not every detail is observed. What I have achieved is the ability to have a very great deal of control of my emotions and almost all aspects of the dream world that I am experiencing.

I always know that I will be O.K. and that I am on a great adventure, exploring, learning and evolving through the very wonderful, beautiful, and sometimes disturbing environments and scenarios that I find myself in.

It is all just a very fun virtual-reality platform that I enjoy very frequently. Perhaps you will find this information useful and begin an exciting adventure of your own, that will continue to provide you with great pleasure and insight for many dreams to come!

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