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Visual Play: Dolphin Guided Meditation (EnHanced) aka Dolphyn

(Exercising Your Mind) This version is EnHanced with frequencies designed to stimulate Delta Brain Waves for a mystical experience and subconscious influence. Watch and listen to the video below, and / or download the FREE EnHanced audio using the button under the video.

This guided meditation is based on the Dolphin Healing elective course offered by the University of Metaphysical Sciences. It is for relaxation and to inspire your subconscious to deliver a “Message of Significance” to you for healing and empowerment. It features themes of a metaphysical nature including eternity and the divine nature of dolphins, the oceans and seas.

The original recording with the track “Dolphyn” may be downloaded FREE by clicking the following link

You can listen to and download the voice only version for FREE as number 6 on the S.W.I.T.C.H. list here

Stream and / or download the EnHanced Dolphyn Guided Meditation

EnHanced Dolphyn Guided Meditation

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