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Visual Play: UnLock YourSelf From Unwanted Hypnotic States

(Exercising Your Mind) This meditation is offered as a FREE download below the video. The purpose of this meditation is to learn to unlock yourself from unwanted hypnotic states by experiencing a trance state, and then using a simple technique to count yourself out of it. Once you begin to recognize what these highly suggestible, hypnotic trance are, you will be able to begin the practice of choosing to remain in those that are good for you, and eliminating the mental states that work against you.

This track incorporates brainwave entrainment variations to progressively move through brainwave frequencies corresponding with the hypnotic suggestions beta, alpha, theta, delta, theta, alpha, beta, and gamma to finish.

Flor and Hakeem

Download and listen to the meditation now to begin the process of awakening to the imaginative potential of your own mind.

UnLock YourSelf From UnWanted Hypnotic States EnHanced With BrainWave Entrainment Technology

A previous version without brainwave entrainment technology can be downloaded FREE by clicking the following link – UnLock YourSelf From UnWanted Hypnotic States By Simply Counting To Five – A Guided Meditation – Unlocking The Secrets Of Thought (

You may also download a voice only version as number 1 on the S.W.I.T.C.H. list by clicking this link – Second Wave Incremental Thought Change Hypnosis (S.W.I.T.C.H.) – 9 FREE Self-Hypnosis Exercises – Unlocking The Secrets Of Thought (

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