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Visual Play of The Lucid Ingredient: Am I Dreaming

(Exercising Your Mind) This is a new version of the Self-Hypnosis Exercise (SHE) “The Lucid Ingredient: Am I Dreaming” which was previously released as a voce only track. This therapeutic production includes a 4-fold audio combination.

  1. The hypnotic voice recording of The Lucid Ingredient.
  2. The musical composition called “Dolphyn“,
  3. Random Walk, Brownian or Brown Noise, and
  4. Binaural frequency combinations of 432Hz + 435Hz so that your brain entrains to the difference of 3Hz which should help bring some of your brain waves down to the Delta wavelength which are dominant in deep sleep states.

This can help you to relax as you listen to the guided hypnotic directives, and more effectively influence your subconscious mind. A YouTube video with some fun visuals is offered here as well as the usual FREE audio download for your convenience.

Stream and / or download The Lucid Ingredient below.

The ENHANCED Lucid Ingredient.

For your convenience, if you do not want any backing music or brainwave entrainment, you can download the voice only version by clicking the following link – The Lucid Ingredient: Am I Dreaming? – Unlocking The Secrets Of Thought (hypnoathletics.com)

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