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Get what you want. Put your heart into all that you desire. Here’s how.

(HypnoAthletics) Feelings really matter a lot.

Yes, I’m talking about emotions, but also physical feelings like sexual arousal. (more about this later).

The way you feel about something, is the way that you will experience, or manifest some particular thing in your life.

When you think about something that you want, it is absolutely of most importance to associate the emotions and feelings of success and accomplishment with it.

You have succeeded, or felt good about something in your life. Recall that emotion, cultivate it, and then plug it in to what you are currently pursuing, and then magnify, and multiply that feeling so that it is made new for the present desire.

Hypnosis is just one name that we can attach to this process. I understand it to be the same, and very similar to directed imagery, meditation, prayer, visualization, day-dreaming, and fantasizing.

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These are all very important activities.

The important point to note, once again, is that we must control the connection, and association of the emotional part of this imagination process, with our very carefully selected goal that we desire to achieve.

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