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Wealth Attraction And Prosperity Hypnosis: The Instant Hypnotist

The Instant Hypnotist

Wealth Attraction And Prosperity Hypnosis

“Look within. Within is the fountain of good, and it will ever bubble up, if thou wilt ever dig

-Marcus Aurelius

(Exercising Your Mind) The law of attraction is real, and you can take advantage of it for your very own worthy ideal of health, happiness, wealth, prosperity and abundance in all you desire.And this is not any type of New-Age B.S. I am referring to here. I am speaking of real MetaPhysics.

The science of belief-driven, action in practice with faith.

I used to arrogantly criticize people who wanted to have a million hypnosis-sessions with their particular clinical hypnotist.

I never wanted to do more than six-sessions in a 2-month period with the same person, and I thought they should wait a few months to let it “sink in” before they came back for more.

I mistakenly judged other hypnotists and thought they were not doing a good job when I found out that they were seeing clients week after week, months, and even for years.

I still think that this is a bit much sometimes.

Because no matter how much you hold someone’s hand, massage their aches, and guide them on wonderful adventures, they still just don’t get into action.

But I do now realize the importance of being immersed in a consistent message, even if it takes years for the effect to take place.

It is just not very efficient or good for over-all effectiveness, to be there with someone all the time, pushing them or pulling them through it.

The same reason you should not pull a caterpillar out of the cocoon it is struggling to free itself from, as it begins to fight for a new life as a moth or butterfly.

Because it needs that part of the struggle to shape its wings, and make them strong enough to fly.

I may have been depressed, broke, poor, and even sick before…

But I kept on going and I am still here, stronger than ever, still fighting for and believing in those who don’t believe in themselves.

It is going to be like this always.

Because I have a vision, a purpose and a dream that is eternal, unshakeable, and guaranteed to be realized, evolve, and move forward.

My dream to find a way to re-frame and replace years of destructive programming and wasteful behaviors and actions.

It all started when I learned to Think and Grow Rich.

Continuing in faith and belief until I learned to Act and be Rich…

And then it happened. Just like everything else that I stay consistent with, I had an “overnight success“. It may have taken 5 to 10 years, but I had another breakthrough.

Something quite powerful and tangible that I can pass on and share with the world.

Exactly how I have always dreamed it, and now I am living it.

Because I decided to be humble. To respect and honor the truth of my burning desire to actually help people experience transformations in their lives.

The Absolute Truth

Constantly observe who those whose approbation thou wishest to have, and what ruling principles they possess.

– Marcus Aurelius

Approbation means “approval or agreement“. But this is a literal translation in modern terms that does not do it justice. At the time Marcus Aurelius used it in this context, it means “behavior and life-style“.

And “ruling principles” is meant to describe mind-set.

So that you always observe those whose behavior and life-style you desire to have, and what mind-set they possess.

At one time, I could only get people to a certain point. Then from there, it would have just been the blind leading the blind.

Because while I have all the enthusiasm and motivation in the world ready to explode from every fiber of my being, and I can pass that on…I really wanted to get to another level, and guide people into riches and abundance of money.

So that not only would they be happy and healthy, but also wealthy enough to be able to maintain their happiness and health, without worrying about the time and resources to do it.

To move forward I needed to know The Absolute Truth about whether this could work or not. So I would either continue, or move on with something else.

But how could I get people to a place I was not at yet myself?

Of course I could lie to everyone and be like some phony attraction marketing guru.

I could do the whole fake it til you make it thing, and pretend to be something I was not so that people would align with me.

But what would that accomplish?

I would be like one of those team builders who is constantly selling a dream while living a nightmare.

And everyone would be making my pockets fat, while wondering why they were not also making it like I was.

People would think I had some magical powers, or that I was special, or maybe even not telling them the real secrets of the Universe.

The Instant Hypnotist

If you seek Truth, you will not seek to gain a victory by every possible means; and when you have found Truth, you need not fear being defeated.”


But I wasn’t going to let that be the case. I needed to be real with people.

Maybe because I had the fear that if I did that, I would eventually be found out as a fake. Then my life would be ruined, and all the fake work would be destroyed.

Or maybe I just really have some inner guidance system that is the real character of me that truly wants to do the right thing, no matter who is or is not looking.

So I dropped out of the game. I got depressed. I self medicated. I drank, smoked, and cried.

But on-fire remained the eternal flame of my burning desire.

And I continued to look for a way to get to the next level myself.

This is the only way for me to actually show anyone how to get to the next level for themselves.

So I got to the next level just by making that decision to be authentic.

The instant hypnotist was born.

Not only did I discover the tools to skyrocket myself to the next level of transformation, but I was at the same time allowed to pass the same tools on to other people.

And because of this discovery, I now have the tools to create an army of instant hypnotists.

All they have to do is have the desire to help other people to experience transformational results with wealth attraction using hypnosis, just like they did by using the tools every day.

Wealth Attraction

Enjoy the great festival of life with other people.


It was all rolled into one. Everything that I needed, and was actively looking for. I got the training I needed for myself, and the machine to share with others while expanding my business with it, earning money, and creating a whole new adventure all at once.

The exact same thing that I was looking for.

Was it possible to actually use hypnosis to help people to attract and earn more money?

I really needed to discover this for myself and completely know for sure that if I was going to the market with something, and telling people it would get a certain result, then it really has to work.

I can’t have people buying services and products from me that do not actually do what I claim for them to do.

Especially something that people already regard as questionable as hypnosis training, and other psychological concepts and mind-set products.

But then it actually worked for me.

I got results from using my system within 30-days!

Prosperity Hypnosis

Thou wouldst do good unto men? then show them by thine own example what kind of men philosophy can make, and cease from foolish trifling


Usually, as far as I know, when someone beats you to the market with an idea, service, or product that you come up with, you don’t get to profit or prosper from that. Of course you could use it yourself and get some benefits that way.

But how many times have you kicked yourself in the butt for not acting on that million-dollar idea that is now all over the TV and / or other media channels being sold successfully?

How many times have you said to yourself: “I thought of that!” but now you are just on the sidelines watching it take off?

Rare is it that I know of, when a person is handed the opportunity to share in the wealth of an idea that someone else got out to the world before they did.

But this is exactly what is happening to me!

And because I know, understand and believe that I am an eternal storehouse of ideas, I will take this to the next level once I perfect this process.

Because that is what this is all about.

Using this system to get myself to the NEXT LEVEL and pass it on to others, and then if I want to, create and market something of my own to get those I serve to the place they want to be.

I looked for prosperity hypnosis to make my life and business more prosperous, so that when I went out teaching this to other people, it came from an authentic experience of my own.

But this is something entirely more advanced than even my own wildest dreams!


Because I do not even have to be at the level of prosperity I want to share with others yet.

Instead I can simply retail the proven prosperity hypnosis products and services while I get paid to learn to build my ideal business based on this phenomenal idea!

The result is exactly the same. I am well on my way, attracting wealth with the system that has guided me to the results I desire, and proven that they work.

And at the same time, because I have proof, I am able to confidently share this with other people so that they will get real results too!

The Law of Attraction is real!

We just have to look within and keep digging until it bubbles forth, and springs into everlasting reality, because we faithfully persist in finding the secret.

You Are The Secret.

I Believe In You

Believe In YourSelf.

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