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Pool Of The Black Star: The Dark Portal Of Wealth

The Dark Portal Of Wealth

Pool Of The Black Star

(Exercising Your Mind)

Black Star and Dark Portal have a negative or evil tone to a lot of people. But this does not have to be.

If you ever feared the black night and the darkness, the fear now transforms into courageous love, understanding, compassion and kindness.

I will not be exploring the reasons why you or others might think of dark or black as being bad.

Instead I will focus on how blackness and darkness can serve to launch your Star over the horizon and become your portal of wealth.

Dream Theater

For most of us, when we sleep, we close our eyes. This is so that we can shut out some of the light and allow rest for our eyes.

This also helps us to “see” the images that are projected by our minds onto the screen of our imagination.

Night is the time of most dreaming because this is when most people sleep.

But this does not always hold true. Some people dream for a living and do so while fully awake.

I know that this is a common practice for me and Steven Spielberg I think. But I am not sure if he says that too.

There is a lot of talk about bringing dreams into reality. A lot of us want to “live the life of our dreams”! But what does this mean to you?

Pull The Rabbit From The Hat

What does it mean to live the life of your dreams? Maybe it is something that you have imagined. Or something you remember from the experience of someone you admire.

Certainly we are such amazing and beautiful creative beings full of power and magick. We can create anything we wish in the theatre of our minds.

And movie theaters are often dark places with black curtains to keep the light focused on, and to frame the screen.

Movie theaters are places of great adventure. But they are nothing compared do the black and dark powers of our minds.

This is a good power. Even though it is black and dark. All this means is that our minds are really an unknown void to most mortal humans.

Creating Your Galaxy And Universe One World At A Time

It seems like an endless eternity. Like a Black Hole. A Super-Massive Black Hole like the one at the center of The Milky-Way and most other galaxies.

This swirling vortex in the cosmos is so heavy and full of mass that it even bends light. The light becomes darkness within and produces great streams of power.

These streams of power that are your imaginings and dreams can create the future that you desire. As soon as you become as clear as the star that provides light to solar systems.

You are the Sun. Shining brightly your light floods over every living thing on the Earth of your mind. That fertile soil of your subconscious mind.

That Garden Again

And what seeds do you plant? The key is to find the visionaries and examples of leaders who are right now living lives that you find to be like your most exciting dreams; and take action in your own life.

Amongst billions of other stars you swirl about in a sea of starlight. An ocean of suns and fields of planets. The seeds of your creation.

Nourished by the fire of your soul, the fertile soil grows upon it that which you have sown.

Taking the wealth DNA from the culture of success you surround yourself with, you engineer the seeds of your mind with greatness.

You watch. You listen. You feel. You know what is the path to the garden that grows into a blooming dream-life ready for the harvest.

And you keep learning and sowing upon the land. That dark soil of your subconscious mind. Even the starlight in the blackest night feeds the seeds that have been planted.

And these are your dreams coming to life. Sometimes in quantum leaps as your energy increases and you vibrate out of your former shell.

The Kitchen Sink Or Swim In Dream-Stuff?

You dive deeper into The Pool of the Black Star. Immersing yourself in learning from your experience and the interactions, books and recordings of the giants who’s shoulders you stand upon.

Suddenly you realize that you have entered into The Dark Portal of Wealth. You have become richer in thought, action and results.

Your experience shows it Because you know that there is always room for improvement, no matter what you have achieved in life. To stop learning is like death, if not to die.

Eternal spiritual happiness, vibrant mental and physical health and abundant financial wealth are all yours. You have earned it. And you have found it is the easy way by going through the hard way.

The hard way is the easy way. Knowledge through experience combined with the wisdom of the great teachers you have chosen to model, emulate and follow.

Into the pool of the black star your imaginations and dreams come into your life as tangible proof.

Out Of The Matrix

Every day you step through a new dark portal of wealth into an ever expanding consciousness and bigger, greater life you have created.

And you did not have to take a red pill.

Whether you are a musician, magician or mathematician, there is always a way to create authentic power and lead the way with your thoughts, actions and results.

If you ever feared the black night and the darkness, the fear now transforms into courageous love, understanding, compassion and kindness.

Black and White. Darkness and Light. Together on the screen they are needed in all fifty shades of grey and more to bring dreams to life.

And the black star shines with white. Yes the darkness radiates light. Into your mind, you plant and you find the blossoms of your heart.

Tears of joy? The pool of the black star. The dark portal of wealth? Stepping into a life you have always wanted. Do it now.

I Believe In You.

Believe In YourSelf.

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