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Money, Fame, Power: Numerology & The Full Moon

(Exercising Your Mind) Does your birthday in 2016 carry a year of Power, Money, and Fame for you? Does your birth month and day add up to the numeral 8?

EXAMPLES: January 7th is 1+7=8; September 17th is 9+17=26 and 2+6=8.

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Even though you might drive yourself insane with the desire for power, money, and fame if you do not yet have it; I am here to tempt you.

Treat Circulation & Vitality Naturally

I know that you can use numbers as symbols to model, predict, and manipulate your reality, just like the most powerful sorcerers.

I do it all the time and it is amazing how simple this practice is.

For whatever different reasons, there are many people who will never use Numerology. They are missing out on a lot of fun, as well as the opportunity to grow new brain cells with the regular practice of basic arithmetic..

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