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Remembering Flor Elizabeth Carrasco on Her Birthday – August 23rd

Happy Birthday Flor Elizabeth Carrasco

(Hakeem Ali-Bocas Alexander) My darling Flor. Happy Birthday to you. I will honor and cherish the day that you were born as long as I live and am able to do so. Whatever is revealed upon death, I wish for you all the goodness, and love, and all things beautiful for you that can possibly be. I hope that I will be able to find you “there” when my time comes.

You brought so much joy, and fun, and love into my life. I miss all the wonder, curiosity, and romance you shared with me. I’m having great difficulty finding myself again. I was planning the rest of my life to be a long adventure with you. I’ve been feeling so lost and incomplete without you by my side every step of our way. But I am fighting my way back to make sure that the world knows how wonderful you are.

I will continue to dream, create, work, and build so that I can bring great honor to your name. You helped make me be a better person; a better man. I came to life with you when before I felt a great deal of hopelessness. We enjoyed some amazing experiences together. You stuck with me even when things were a little bit rough, and we both emerged more grateful and improved.

All that I can do now is continue making myself the best that I can be. I will dream about you, talk to you, write to you, and sing your glorious name. You continue to be my greatest inspiration, and I will make the greatest use of this passion that I can. I have to. You are the greatest gift that this world has ever graced me with. I am sorry that I wasn’t with you in the end.

I hope that we can find a new beginning.

I will always love you. Happy Birthday to You, Flor Elizabeth Carrasco. Until we meet again…


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