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S.C.R.A.W.L. – Super Conscious Royal Alien Wrestling League

Super Conscious Royal Alien Wrestling League


Have you had any experiences like this? I am sure many of you have but have not dared speak of it to anyone or even admit it to yourselves.

You are indeed reading that correctly. I am reluctant to admit this but I have for a long time been a participant in an alien wrestling league.

It all began sometime back in my early childhood but got progressively more frequent as the years passed from elementary through high school.

I have done quite a bit of research and found many similarities around the world of what I have been experiencing.

I have determined nothing definite about the origins of this except the fact that it is a shared experience and very much real.

Before you think me any more looney than you may already, allow me to explain.

The research I have found shows these experiences may actually be some type of electro-chemically triggered mass hysteria hallucination.

That is not much more plausible than actually being visited by and wrestling with aliens from another realm.

I say realm because they may be from another dimension and not necessarily another planet.

They may even be from some unexplored part of the very planet Earth and we are unknowingly sharing it with them.

The interesting thing is that it may actually be biochemical. I can actually trigger these alien and sometimes demonic experiences by altering my blood sugar.

I have noticed also that it happens often with sleep-paralysis and sleep apnea. Unable to move and unable to breathe.

It is also sometimes known as night-terrors. I have also had out of body experiences when these things happen.

There is a lot of over-lapping phenomena. And just because altering blood sugar can trigger it does not mean the experiences are not real.

Altering blood sugar may just be like changing the station on a radio receiver or a television channel. Think about that.

Changing body chemistry may just allow us to perceive and experience other realms that are existing right alongside us.

We just don’t experience them unless we change the chemical channel. This can also be triggered by electromagnetic changes and stress.

It is not quite wrestling actually. It is more like being held or restrained by an enormously powerful being or force.

There are often sights, sounds and physical feelings that are hallucinated. I have found that disciplining my diet stops these visits from happening.

So am I really having out of body experiences or just out of my mind experiences?

It is very interesting that I have not been the only one to experience this. It is only that I have understood a unique perspective.

That these are biochemically triggered and controlled experiences and that there are very much overlapping incidents.

Aliens, demons, ghosts, men in black, big-foot, fairies, God and all kinds of beings and entities hang out in this astral realm.

It is also very related to lucid dreaming. The ability to know and alter the dream experience consciously as if awake.

I have been doing this ever since I was four years old. The better I ma at lucid dreaming the better I am at dealing with the whole cast of characters I just listed.

The experience is really like learning to pilot some type of dream-craft or astral ship made of part physical body and part astral dreamy stuff.

Sometimes the experiences are pleasant and often reveal psychic information and inventive, innovative, creative and liberating cathartic insights.

Over-all, besides the all too often experience of fighting the paralyzed feeling which has a medical explanation, these mental adventures are pretty cool.

I just don’t like the alien wrestling. Those buggers are strong dammit! And there is a chemical our body’s release to stop us from acting out our dreams and thrashing around.

I have learned that lucid dreamers often have this problem because we become conscious in our sleep and want to move our bodies which are paralyzed by this chemical and things go wrong.

But what about the very accurate precognition or prophetic psychic experiences? What about the very real and useful information and ideas like HypnoGenomics that are mined from these conscious journeys?

I have actually not gone into much detail here but I insist that these experiences are quite incredible. Lucid dreaming is one of the coolest
things ever.

Being able to fly and use telekinetic and all kinds of super-hero type abilities at will just by thinking is amazing.

There are just some creepy side effects like being in mixed martial arts grappling matches with strange, often scary, non-human beings.

And not being able to breathe sometimes is very uncomfortable. The very interesting thing is that I can control these bad effects by practicing
breathing meditation and changing the way I eat.

So what is happening to me and tens of thousands of other people around the world? Are there really interdimensional and / or intergalactic or interplanetary visits?

Or are there just a bunch of diabetic and hypoglycemic people bordering on psychotic or schizophrenic struggling on Earth just barely eeking out a sane existence?

If I can figure out the chemical key so easily for me being sugar in my blood and breathing exercises, I wonder what some advanced or black ops guys know about this stuff.

All in all I think it is amazing what the human mind can do, even when chemically altered. So I must ask again:

Am I having some authentic astral projection and out of body experiences?

Or am I just somehow “normally” functioning most of the time and then just out of my mind when the Sun goes down?

Have you had any experiences like this? I am sure many of you have but have not dared speak of it to anyone or even admit it to yourselves.

And if you are ready to get some help figuring this whole business of paranormal experiences that blend the dream world with metaphysics, let me be your guide.

I declare myself the GrandMaster of Alien Wrestling. Together we can begin to dominate S.C.R.A.W.L. – Super Conscious Royal Alien Wrestling League.

It is time we stood up to these blood sugar, channel changing, space traveling, inter dimensional, psycho hallucinagen goblins once and for all.

Let’s lock arms and fight the forces of evil Alien Wrestlers. Together we can do it! Wake up and live boldly and not in fear! What the hell is going on anyway. (And NO, I am not on drugs).

I Believe In You.

Believe In YourSelf.

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