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Hypnos, Morpheus, Eros, Hades, Olympus, and Neo Fall Down The Rabbit Hole.

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Alice did not predict that this would ever happen. Welcome to WonderLand.


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First, you will find some short descriptions of the formulas, and then the links to the the ingredients right after.

1. Olympus Has Fallen Down The Rabbit Hole

Spots, Pills, Mountains, Universes and Your Mind.
Will you choose to allow your awareness to collapse upon itself?
Or do you seek for the expansion of consciousness?

2. The Red-Shift Or The Blue Shift? Olympus Has Fallen Down The Rabbit Hole

It may seem like the Gods of Mount Olympus have failed us. We have been disappointed by the politicians, the hospitals, the businesses, the celebrities, and others that have been looked to for guidance.

3. The Neo Matrix: Olympus Has Fallen Down The Rabbit Hole

No matter where you are right now, no matter what you are feeling. It does not matter if you have crashed and burned and your walls have come tumbling and crumbling down; you can rebuild yourself from the ground up.

4. Hypnos Sleeps While Olympus Has Fallen

This is the light from the Fire of the Sun. The stars that rise from the East bringing the first shining of the day. Opening the eyes once closed by the real beasts who conceal the truth by sending the cloak of hypnotic delusion.

5. Morpheus Dreams That Olympus Has Fallen

Let the Sun Rise. Throw off the cloak to be no more in the dark and instead be enlightened. Why seek the shade? Though the light radiates brightly, was not the darkness the blinding? Allow illumination to show the way. Let it be the path.

6. Eros: Olympus Has Fallen In Love

Because we cast spells when we do spell out the words that write the stories of our lives. So should we play with crayons or knives? Shall we solve equations with pencils or razors? Are we signing agreements of Peace with Pens; or signing declarations of war with Swords?

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7. Hades: Olympis Has Fallen InTo The UnderWorld

Whatever it is that darkens your skies, you can still be illuminated, and brighten the night.

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