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Memetically Engineered Feuds: Division And Conquest

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  1. The Two Party Trap
  2. Black Lives Matter

A Memetically Engineered Feud is a purposefully created conflict of ideas, usually for the purpose of division and conquest of a targeted culture. Malicious, viral propaganda.

Information spread to make people fight with each other as a form of distraction.

Meme – Easily shared, repeated, and replicated elements, units or bits of cultural ideas between people. MEMETICALLY – Made of linked or associated memes.

Engineer – To cleverly and / or mathematically design     systems, materials, and structures for a purpose.

Feud – A fight, dispute, conflict, argument or sometimes hostile disagreement.

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3 Hypnotic Modalities

  1. Authority / 1 Upsmanship
  2. Translogic / Paradigm / Doctrine
  3. Internal Experience / Overload

2 Laws of Hypnosis

  1. Repetition (of images, messages & symbols)
  2. Association (of images with emotion)


In the case of the 2 party trap and Black Lives Matter, too many people are limiting their understanding and coming to uninformed conclusions.

  • We make the best decisions when we have all the options
  • If we only rely on the options that are offered to us, we are more vulnerable to deception
  • We need to explore, research and discover information, and options from extra sources beyond normal channels, outlets, and media.
  • We must proceed to complete our knowledge gaps with even more options (possibilities) by using our enthusiasm, passion, ambition, and determination, in the form of imagination, to create the realization of what is possible beyond what we already think we know
  • Imagination equals mind power
  • Imagination can be a way of discovering new information for ourselves by deliberately and intentionally working from the inside out, instead of the usual outside in
  • Our subconscious does not know the difference between a real, or imagined event
  • We may still feel very emotional about a dream, even long after we have accepted that it was all in our head
  • Because we want to make the best decisions in life, we should always be seeking additional information, while being open-minded enough to change our narrative, or story, whenever we find more relevant information and a more truthful perspective

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Cultural ideas passed amongst people in discrete units like genes in biology, or quanta in physics.

An element of culture, or system of behavior that is repeated, and replicated in such a way that it is often rapidly assimilated into memory, and behavior intact, or variably.

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