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Friday The 13th Moon Phase Metaphysics

Moon Phase Metaphysics

Friday The 13th

(Exercising Your Mind) Towards Universal Harmony and Spiritual Wisdom Through Healthy Living and Self-Defense. Listen to the PodCast below…

Are we as human beings doomed to extinction by our own hands?

Why do you believe that you can not be hypnotized?

What are you afraid of?

What do you hope for?

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All things point to the way we think about things. Our train of thought.

We have been brainwashed and infected with a Value System Disorder using the neutral, yet very powerful mechanisms of Social Physics.

However, all hope is not yet lost. Using the very same influential power of Social Physics (Hypnosis), in our caring hands we can change the dominant Train of Thought from one that is based on fear, scarcity, lack and competition…

Into a Train of thought that embraces Love, Understanding, Compassion, and Kindness.

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This is the remedy for the Global BrainWashing Agenda’s Value System Disorder.

This is the emergence of Social Therapy.

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