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The Master Key Of Covert Hypnosis: A Global Brain-Washing Agenda

A Global Brain-Washing Agenda

The Master Key Of Covert Hypnosis

HypnoAthletics Master Key

We are their cattle. We are being bred for slavery.” – They Live; 1988 Film

(Exercising Your Mind) Imagine that you were being held as a prisoner somewhere, but did not know, or are just too afraid to admit that you are in captivity.

You are in chains, but this has not quite set off any alarms yet.

You were born into it. It is statistically most frequent or “normal”.

Keeping in mind that normal does not mean that something is bad, but it also does not mean that this same something that is known as normal is good either.

Normal is just what happens to be going on most of the time, so most of us just accept it, no matter how truly wrong it feels deep in the core of who we really are.

And remember, you are in chains, and they are not at all comfortable.

For so many reasons that I do not even have to explain to you about your own life, you feel the need for more.

Not necessarily more because you are greedy, but because you can feel the heavy weight of the chains holding you down.

It is tiring and makes you sometimes feel weak, even when you know that you are very strong.

The Instant Hypnotist Library

In marketing, there is a little formula called P.A.S. that is used to manufacture desire in us to want things that we do not need, in order to continue a cycle of consumption until death.

A mortgage if you will. An engagement until death.

P.A.S. is an abbreviation for PROBLEM – AGITATE – SOLVE.

It is a beautiful thing except for the fact that it has been used, as far as I have experienced so far, to influence us to enslave ourselves into the grave.

But here I am using it to bring to your awareness that there is a PROBLEM.

The simple act of me even attempting to make you aware of this will most likely AGITATE you.

And that is quite fine because we have a great opportunity now to SOLVE this together.

It is the Master Key to the lock that holds us in our chains.

So let us go about the business of unlocking these chains from us all to set free our truest potential.

Understand that hypnosis is anything that attempts to control or modify human behavior through the creation of beliefs systems.

And that belief systems are a set of beliefs that support each other.

Knowing that an individual belief is a thought we keep thinking over and over, every day.

Something that is covert is something that is done in the shadows. It is shady activity.

Covert hypnosis is a type of hypnosis that is usually hidden because the “hypnotist” does not want you to know that you are being hypnotized.

The “hypnotist” does not want you to understand that your belief systems not only can be, but are being created for you so that your behavior can be controlled and modified.

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world that he doesn’t exist.

Or, if you don’t believe in devils then…

The greatest trick that a hypnotist ever pulled was convincing the world that they can’t be hypnotized.

Because once you start to believe this foolishness, you will not feel the need to know what hypnosis actually is, or how it works so that you can defend against this inception.

It is like being sucker-punched.

You got knocked the fuck out because you weren’t ready for it.

And now you are sleeping.

In order to unlock the chains you first have to know that you are in them.

And this is the acceptance of the fact that you can be, and most probably are being hypnotized.

Then you must find the lock so that you know where to use the key.

Individuals may enter upon the Certain Way at any time and under any government, and make themselves rich; and when any considerable number of individuals do so under any government, they will cause the system to be so modified as to open the way for others.”

The Science of Getting Rich

Most of us would never think that something physical like money can actually control their mind.

But this is because we may have forgotten that money is just an idea.

Money is an idea that a whole lot of people were convinced is a good idea when it really is not for the majority of people.

If you really take the time to investigate what money is all about, you will actually realize how disconnected it actually is from the source of our lives, which is NATURE itself.

It goes something like this: Money (or any form of currency) is backed by precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, copper, palladium and so on.

Yeah, and…?

Can you eat that stuff?

Can you make clothes with these things, and build homes with these so-called “precious metals”?

The same goes with jewels and stones like diamonds, rubies, emeralds and other rocks.

But we are told that instead of growing our own food, making our own clothes, and building our own homes, that we must do “work”, to get those things that we need to LIVE.

As if having a garden or farm and harvesting the materials you need to feed, clothe, and house yourself is not work.

Now before you go off denying that you would want to do any of that stuff, I ask you; Do you want to get up and go to your job every day?

money is mind control

Probably not.

Let’s go a little further and imagine you are super, duper rich. You have so much money that everything that you need is taken care of and you  can do what yo want.

Would you still get up and go to do your job then?

If not, what would you rather be doing?

Understand that the point is your behavior is being controlled by a belief system.

You believe that the only way you can have what you need and want is by working for money, or creating some kind of money getting business.

This belief system was created for you and me from an idea. Money is that idea.

Economic systems based on money, and labor for this money are Covert Hypnosis programs.

Remember the definition of hypnosis?

ANYTHING that controls or modifies human behavior through the creation of belief systems.

The chains and the prison for which we hold the key are the many ...isms like socialism, capitalism, communism, or any economic system that is not explicitly obeying Natural Law.

Anything such as Labor for Income, or any other mechanism that artificially constructs a barrier between us and our ability to actually live off of the land is slavery.

The key is to realize a new train of thought, and use this as the influence for taking the actions necessary to develop new systems and technologies that honor the truth of our beings.


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