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5 Hypnosis

(Exercising Your Mind) You can influence your body with your mind, so that you can feel better with greater health.

Right now this is something that I certainly need to focus on.

Because I know from experience that when I do, healing comes very surely, quickly, and best of all; naturally.

For what could be more natural than using our own minds to heal ourselves?

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And by getting into the highly suggestible state of hypnosis, we can directly suggest the necessary healing to ourselves.

The state of hypnosis is a condition where you gain more control of yourself.

Because as long as you are properly motivated, you experience incredible, and almost unbelievable results for whatever you put your mind to.

The fact is that subconscious reactions are always influencing your thinking, so you may as well learn as much about hypnosis as possible, since this will empower you with more control over what you program your subconscious mind with.

Obviously, if you are the one deciding what is being programmed into that part of you that runs your life; you are the one actually running your life.

As you can probably already tell yourself, I am suggesting to you that you may not have before been running your life as much as you might have thought you were.

Because of this, many of your hopes, dreams, goals, and wishes may have gone by without you getting what you want out of life.

This is the reason why.

It is unconscious incompetence.

You did not know there was even a problem, so why would you even think to do anything about it?

This is like not knowing that your vehicle is not getting as much distance from the fuel added that it should be.

Then somehow you become aware of it.

Maybe someone tells you that they have the same vehicle but get twice as much distance than you for every unit of fuel.

Or you may have read the owners manual; like an essay or article about the mind hypnotic.

Now you are in the stage of conscious incompetence.

You now know that you should be getting more distance for each unit of fuel-energy, but do not yet know why you are not, so you start doing some research by checking your vehicle until you find out why.

Let’s say that you have discovered it is because the air is low in one of the tires.

So you fill the tire up to the proper pressure, and check the other tires too.

Now you notice that you are getting twice as much distance for the fuel.

But every once in a while, you have to keep refilling the tire with air.

This is the stage of conscious competence.

You know what to do, and a lot of effort is now going into thinking about, and doing what needs to be done.

And you notice that it is just the one tire that keeps getting low, so you decide it must be leaking air somehow.

But you do not know where the hole is in a flat tire because it is so small that you can not hear it or see the air leaking out.

Then you fill the tire with air and put it under water so now you can see and hear where the air is leaking from as a stream of bubbles.

At this point you have a choice.

You can patch the tire up or you can put on a brand new tire.

Using hypnosis is like finding out where the hole is and, fixing that problem so there is no more leaking.

Now your vehicle is getting the distance that it should be, and you do not have to think about refilling the air all the time.

This is the stage of unconscious competence.

You are now getting further in life because you are automatically doing the right things by default.

Like eating sensibly, and properly exercising to influence your body to be more healthy.

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