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OverRiding Genetics With A Decision: HypnoGenomics


OverRiding Genetics With A Decision

(Exercising Your Mind) First of all; DO NOT take any medical advice from me because there is a good chance you might die.

I should have been making this statement throughout all my 8-years of blogging but here it is.

In fact, you should make sure to include this warning to all of my blogs, past, present and future.

Just in case I forget to include it.

This is my current declaration about all things concerning anything you might hear or read from me when it concerns your health, life or death.

A Dying Legacy

Here’s the situation. I have had many people in my family experience very serious medical and health conditions that I have been fortunate to escape from because of my decisions.

One of my aunts and her daughter are both on dialysis for kidney failure.

Another of my cousins died from kidney failure in 2012.

One of my brothers had a heart attack in December of 2012.

Another brother had back surgery that only made his condition worse.

A woman family member has had issues with the military organization she is part of because of her body weight being too high. She recently had surgery. They wanted to kick her out.

Many other family members are overweight or obese. As a matter of fact I do not know of anyone in my family who is not struggling with fat except for me and my father who is in his 70’s.

The Natural Mind

And this is not because of genetics.

This is because of our personal decisions.

We eat very differently and choose to be active and exercise daily in one form or another.

We walk and ride bicycles. Eat whole foods and lots of vegetables and fruit.

We avoid processed foods and chemical pharmaceuticals. We use herbal and natural medicines.

We are outdoors a lot.

There is also another common factor that my healthy father and healthy self share: We read daily.

Yes we read a lot of books about health, wellness and personal development.

Death By TeleVision

You want to know what the common factor is among all the unhealthy and overweight people in my family? They spend a large amount of time watching television.

They have favorite shows and talk about them and FaceBook about them.

They can have long conversations about these TV shows.

But I will not go too much more into that.

The point is that they are putting very different things into their minds than I am.

And even if they are active but also watch a lot of television, it seems to effect them in the same way. They tend to be unhealthier and hold more body fat.

Near Death Experience

I am not all together myself as I would like to be.

My kidneys began to fail in 2007. It was scary and I probably could have died.

But instead of giving in to this fate I decided to change my diet and even went on a vegan diet for about 9 months and this reversed a lot of issues I had with my body.

But it left my kidneys damaged.

Because every time I go about 3 to 4 weeks from my strict diet of organic and healthy whole foods; a little bit of internal pain begins in the kidney area.

This clears up as soon as I get back on track.

So I could die any day from this if I am not careful. And remember; you could too if you follow my advice. I suggest consulting whoever is qualified when you have health conditions.

I am just sharing my story to demonstrate what is possible when you make a decision.

The decisions we make can be life or death decisions. Think about that.

I am over simplifying when I make the statement “Watch less television and read more books to be healthy“. But this is the reality of my personal observations.

I would feel criminal if I did not share this experience with people.

I could speculate for years as to why this connection has been observed by me but I won’t right now. Another time soon for sure.


Now why do I put this subject under the category of HypnoGenomics? Because I can.

I created the word HypnoGenomics and take the liberty to use it anytime I see fit. And it fits quite well in this case because our decisions are based on our hypnosis or auto suggestions.

Auto suggestion is simply the word for the suggestions we give to ourselves. This is also called self hypnosis. Self-hypnosis is the foundation of the decisions we make in our lives.

We hypnotize ourselves everyday. This is how we learn and is what we do.

If we were not hypnotized by certain beliefs and ideas we would not have them as options to act upon. Everything we do is based on hypnosis of some kind.

Once you accept and understand this suggestion that all of our psychological and mental make-up is driven and guided by this thing called hypnosis, then you have more power to direct your mind and your life. Even when it has to do with life and death decisions.

So what life and death decisions are you making?

I Believe In You

Believe In YourSelf.

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