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Mind Power Maps Escape Velocity Lift Off

Escape Velocity Lift Off

Mind Power Maps

(Exercising Your Mind) Right away, some terrific stuff that you’re going to definitely, definitely, definitely, benefit from today, is the fact that I had some clients make some amazing break-throughs and I wanna be able to pass on that breakthrough energy, that break through spirit to you.

And one of the main things that we had a breakthrough with was first of all, the client recognized and helped me to recognize my own break-through, which was that the way that I have been consistently delivering value…

The way that I have proven myself to be most valuable to others in society, in my family and my friends is through words.

Spoken words, written words, lyrical / singing words.

And as they were talking to me about this I realized yeah, well, you know my main source of income, comes through consulting with people through personal development of self confidence through coaching and telephone support.

And the client was very grateful and told me about all the breakthroughs they were having and the breakthroughs are what we call going from having liabilities to assets.

Or changing the energy from being directed towards activities and behaviors that are removing your ability to experience your desired outcome and replacing that with an energy that contributes to an experience of your desired outcome.

And in the middle of all this gratitude and recognition the client said to me:

Hakeem, I apologize for boring you because you’re already way past this. You’re an expert, you’re a professional, you’re an authority.”

I stopped for a moment and thought about it and replied:

That only is so because of this one truth; that I have gone through what you went through and that is the only reason why I can claim to be able to help you with what I’m helping you go through, because I’ve already gone through it.”

And it’s this development of self confidence.

The only reason I can be called an authority or an expert is because of the fact that I have already successfully accomplished the achievement of experiencing the results that I desire, the outcomes that I desire, by getting over those particular issues and challenges.

I realized it’s like you know, Isaac Newton “came up with” the Laws of Gravity many years ago and as you know gravity pulls you towards the ground.

And our destructive thoughts can be like an analogy to gravity –  its pulling us down.

Most mediocre and average behavior is only operating like Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion which says that for every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction.

We can be MetaPhysical and go beyond that understanding.

Because remember if you are equal and opposite then you are just standing on the ground, but if you want to fly you have to exert escape velocity.

You have to escape the pull of gravity to fly, to get into the orbit, to outer space, to break gravity’s pull, to get into micro-gravity.

So, you’re not just exerting an equal and opposite REACTION.

Instead, you’re exerting a stronger and opposite RESPONSE.

And that is where your true power lies to launch you upwards.

You see mediocrity is equal while success is stronger and opposite response.

And so this is the very valuable thing to remember here.

Remember once again

My power I’ve found, the breakthroughs that I was having are through the spoken word, the written word and the lyrical and song word.

Just like you’re reading these words right now, learning this information is very, very powerful.

Just the fact of making that analogy; that you can reach escape velocity simply by consistently exerting more upward force more positive, more constructive force, than there is pulling you downwards, you can reach escape velocity.

You can overcome the grave situation that you may feel that you are in, or any little challenges that you may be having you just have to exert a little bit more force, for a little bit longer to reach that escape velocity.

And that is the important breakthrough here today,

Is that we have that control over our own minds.

I’m going to catch you on the next wave…

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