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Mind Power Maps Filter Mind Reading

Filter Mind Reading

Mind Power Maps

(Exercising Your Mind) So now it comes down to our filters. And our filters, we’ll keep it simplified for now, to our five-senses.

That is, our sense of sight, our sense of hearing, our sense of taste, our sense of touch, and our sense of smell.

Depending on how effective and sharp and clear these channels of perception and senses are, it depends on definitely of course as you can see how we experience our environment.

Some people have limited eyesight or hearing for example.

Some have heightened sensitivity on their skin and their hearing, their taste, their smell.

And so we all will interperet our environment differently in that way, will filter it differently in that way based on our sensory perceptions.

And sometimes there might be senses that we favor when we are experiencing our environment; and this will of course lead to ones that we use more; that we rely on because it’s comfortable.

Because it feels safe.

And maybe even just because some are slightly uncomfortable, not painful, you know not painful enough to report pain to go have it checked out by the doctor or anything like that or even if it was, it wouldn’t be something they’d detect.

Its just that some people for example prefer to have an environment which is more often than not quiet and free from distraction.

Because just a lot of loud noises and commotion for most of the time is just not very comfortable for them. It’s just a different way that a person interprets their environment.

And through theses filters of senses of course, we may then express and expose our favored sensory channels by the way that we speak, you know we give away our favored sensory modalities by how we express ourselves.

And so this is one way to read a mind. 

This is mind reading.

And its the inception / extraction dichotomy here

Which then actually become unified because of the fact that inception is the implanting of information that a person believes is their own creation, their own cognition, their own development.

And extraction is the reading, the removal of, the exposing, the bringing to light of, hidden or secret or well guarded information in one’s mind.

And here with the filters, with the senses we can discover a very important quality of how a person interprets their environment by the way that they express themselves.

Some people may say “I see what you mean”

Others may say “that sounds great”

Others may say “it feels good”

And so on

Or it smells bad or whatever.

And so that will reveal, generally how a person is experiencing the environment and therefore, those filters there can be used if you will, to favorably guide someone by playing to their preferred senses.

And therefore you can practice inception and give them ideas and extract out information from them.

Both ways being able to use that information.

And this is another way that we have to understand why it’s important to know about the subconscious mind.

Many of us expose our hypnotic filters and allow others to read our minds by the way we express ourselves.

Catch you on the next brain wave…

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