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Mind Power Maps Self Control Filter Switch

Self Control Filter Switch

Mind Power Maps

(Exercising Your Mind) We don’t exactly know what electromagnetism is or what photons are, but we have as human beings managed to create an architecture, a structure with which to flip a switch or two and turn on the light in a room.

To turn on your computer, to turn on your mobile device.
We don’t know exactly the nature of these things and how they work or where it came from but we’ve figured out ways to direct the power that is electricity and magnetism and light.

The same can be said of the power of our minds.

Mind Power Maps. The Real Road Tracks.

This is very vital information for us to come to the realization once and for all, that empowerment for ourselves and others comes from controlling our own minds.

We practice control of ourselves every day for the maximum benefit.

Just like electricity and magnetism are forces of nature mediated and controlled by photons, we can use conceptual and psychological switches to flip in order to turn on the lights of our consciousness.

We don’t have to understand exactly the nature of the mind and where it comes from or what it is composed of.

But there a lot of things that we can measure, that we can document; and use those documents to repeat.

That’s what Mind Power Maps are all about.

Realizing that for many, many years people have been studying the mind.

These studies have revealed that certain psychological triggers effect our understanding and behavior – based on our understanding.

Our minds are very, very easily influenced and our real purpose is to simply filter what we are influenced by with this understanding and knowledge.

There are certain switches that have been figured out to turn on the light of your consciousness and empower you further.

Just like switches have been developed to direct and control the force, the power and the nature of electricity and magnetism.

The force and the power and the nature of your mind can be directed by you once you get a hold of what those switches are.

One of the first places to begin is realizing just how beautiful a spirit you are through your ability to learn so much information so quickly and be influenced by it.

Simply by directing and redirecting the energy, then you can light up whatever it is that you need to.

We do not fully understand light, magnetism or electricity but we can direct and guide the flow. In the same way we may not fully understand our minds but we can direct and guide the direction of power flow.

On to the next brain wave…

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