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Environment Filters Interpretation

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There’s a very effective quote or saying; a principle in the science and study and art of Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP.

I will get to that in a minute or two.

NLP was created by studying some of the most influential hypnotists in the world.

Some of them did not know they were hypnotists.

But one of the main people who did know he was a hypnotist was also a psychiatrist named Milton Erickson.

Milton Erickson was directly responsible for having hypnosis accepted by the American Medical Association and the American Dental Association for use in those professions.

Pain control or HypnoAnasthesia is just one example of how hypnosis is used in both medicine and dentistry.

Erickson used a lot of metaphors and other indirect hypnotic modalities.

Metaphors and other similar figures of speech are indirect forms of inducing hypnosis and is only one of many ways to accomplish a hypnotic trance induction.

So what is the effective saying or quote I began teasing you with in the beginning?

This very effective saying or quote is the powerful NLP phrase

The Map Is Not The Territory

This phrase itself is a metaphor, and it is a metaphor that is the foundation for many other metaphors that are in themselves very highly effective influences on the way that we behave.

So when we say things like we “don’t believe in hypnosis” or “can’t be hypnotized”, then what we are effectively doing is saying that we can’t learn a language simply.

Let’s look at an example of two different cultures with two different languages; like a family in The Bronx, New York and a family who are from Shanghai in China.

If the parents from The Bronx gave birth to a child in Shanghai and the child grew up with native speakers, the child would learn the Chinese language just as fluently as an ethnically Chinese child.

And the Chinese child from Shanghai who was born in The Bronx, New York given that he was raised around and taught in the same schools as his American counterparts; he would himself speak the same Bronx American English as the children around him.

We can see that of course the environment is important; but then the next phase of that is how we filter the environment; and we filter the environment by how clearly our sensory channels are like vision and hearing.

And then how we reason with that information that we get from our senses.

And it is all built on precedent; things that we’ve learned before.

We’ve got the environment, our sensory filters and then our interpretation of this information.

Catch more information on the next wave…

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