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(Exercising Your Mind) Not many people talk about this misconception of hypnosis. Almost everyone believes that hypnosis is always something that gets done to them.

But the truth is something that is often controversial and not very well known.

It is not always true that a facilitator of hypnotist must direct or guide the person being hypnotized. A hypnotist does not have to have control over the hypnotized person.

Using the First Law of Self Hypnosis: Repetition, the truth must be repeated for the suggestion to be most effective.

The truth is that hypnosis is not always the control of a person’s mind by another person outside of them. Hypnosis does not have to be one controlling another.

It has been said that all hypnosis is self hypnosis. I heard this a lot when I was in College for Hypnotherapy.

Even though this is not always absolutely correct, we shall adopt it here for the purpose of this practice and course.

Adopting the principle, philosophy or concept that “all hypnosis is self hypnosis” is taking full and total responsibility for your outcomes.

This is a very empowering idea.

This is very closely related to the MetaPhysical principles that “We become what we think about” because “Our thoughts become things”.

All of the things that we continually experience in our life, our behaviors and thoughts are due to the idea that “all hypnosis is self hypnosis”.

The thoughts that we continually think about and get planted in our subconscious mind are only there because we allow them to be there.

Stay tuned for the next Mind Power Maps!

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