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Your Mind Is Being Controlled. Here’s How To Take The Power Back

Take The Power Back

Your Mind Is Being Controlled

Watch The Windy OutDoor IntroDuction [VIDEO]

(Exercising Your Mind) I have long had a passion to help other people resolve their mental health issues for many different reasons both humanitarian and personal.

While searching for local schools to take the long course through medical school to become am psychiatrist, I found The Hypnosis Motivation Institute.

The Hypnosis Motivation Institute is America’s First Nationally Accredited College Of Hypnotherapy.

Very soon after learning about this school I enrolled. During my first class on the evening of November 4th 2004, I was selected as a volunteer for a demonstration of hypnosis.

The class instructor who is also one of the world’s leading experts in NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP), was demonstrating an induction technique known as an arm levitation.

“Day By Day In Every Way I’m Getting Better And Better”

I was excited to learn what would happen but also skeptical because I had been using self hypnosis for many years and was convinced no one else could hypnotize me.

The technique I used was called auto suggestion. I first learned about auto suggestion from the book Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

One of the big and important differences with this arm levitation demonstration was that I was now being directed by someone else’s suggestions with my full awareness and permission!

Through this experience, I learned for very important things for you to consider. Because these are some of the concepts to understand when taking back the control of your mind power maps.

  1. Hypnotic Trance States Are A Tangible Reality And Must Be Acknowledged
  2. Our Behavior Is Often Unconsciously Controlled By Hypnotic Trance States
  3. We Can Become Fully Aware And Conscious Of Our Hypnotic Trance States
  4. Conscious Awareness Is The First Step To Taking Power Over Hypnotic Trance States

In a series of audios and / or videos, I am going to present more in-depth information about the four hypnotic trance state topics above.

Not only will I share why these topics are important, but also how you can take action to create the desired changes and outcomes you want to experience in your life.

WATCH THIS [VIDEO] for an additional introduction and also as a gateway to access the other media included in this course.

Learn how your mind works equally for your bad or for your good, depending on how you use your mind and how conscious you are of how you use your mind if at all.

And of course I am going to add and find some bonus material to further muscle up this FREE multi-media course designed to Free Your Mind and Take Your Power Back!

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