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NASA Infrared Technology HEALS Relieves Pain and Repairs Wounds

Relieves Pain and Repairs Wounds

NASA Infrared Technology HEALS

NASA’s Innovative Partnerships
Program works with industry and commercial partners to spinoff space
technology and adapt it for new, innovative applications

– (NASA / Higginbotham)”

Because of using Far InfraRed Technology Treatment devices for relaxation, healing, flexibility, therapy, and improved circulation; my usual curiosity has motivated me to do some superficial as well as more in depth research on the subject of infrared light.

Specifically, I aim to clarify exactly what particular frequency ranges within near and far infrared are the best for healing and therapeutic treatment, with the lowest amount of harmful side effects.

One of the devices I use called the RichWay BioMat, uses Far Infrared light technology as the frequency range that provides the beneficial health effects reported by the literature that came with this medical device. –HABA


In the literature for the BioMat by RichWay International, I found the following information on the graphic I photographed below which briefly explained that NASA had developed a method for generating far infrared rays. – HABA

Since it is product information from the manufacturer, I know it is their best interest to attach the name of a credible source such as NASA to help promote the product.

I also did not see any specific research about the exact frequencies of infrared light that have beneficial, therapeutic and healing Biological Health Effects on humans.

For that information, Google’s search engine returned an article by Melanie Grimes on that explained the far infrared frequency range.

  • Far InfraRed Wavelength between 3 and 50 microns are absorbed by humans
  • Between 6 to 14 microns are most beneficial Far InfraRed rays
  • 9.4 microns of Far InfraRed is the most highly absorbed
  • Far InfraRed light can penetrate beneath the skin and improve red and white blood cell flow and function.
  • Increased flow and function helps remove toxins and improve tissue healing.
  • Arthritis, Lupus, Bursitis and Chronic Fatigue may be effectively treated using Far InfraRed Therapy—reading-melanie-grimes-1-19-2011-naturalnews-piece-.aspx

However, far infrared light is only a small part of a very diverse set of frequencies in what is known as the ElectroMagnetic Spectrum of light. –HABA


In an article entitled NASA Light Technology Successfully Reduces Cancer Patients Painful Side Effects from Radiation and Chemotherapy” on the NASA.Gov website, there was a brief mention of “far red/near infrared”.

The information from NASA seems to have a lot more information on near infrared instead of far infrared. Even so, the evidence so far seems to be in favor of the positive healing potential and therapeutic treatment benefits of infrared light for human use in general.

The following information information from NASA.Gov suggests that using infrared light for human healing is “…well tolerated with no adverse effects…” –HABA

“In a two-year clinical trial, cancer patients undergoing bone marrow or
stem cell transplants were given a far red/near infrared Light Emitting
Diode treatment called High Emissivity Aluminiferous Luminescent
Substrate, or HEALS, to treat oral mucositis — a common and extremely
painful side effect of chemotherapy and radiation treatment.

The trial
concluded that there is a 96 percent chance that the improvement in pain
of those in the high-risk patient group was the result of the HEALS
* * *
“Glowing red light from High Emissivity
Aluminiferous Luminescent Substrate, or HEALS technology has been proven
to aid in the healing of human wounds, burns, diabetic skin ulcers and
oral mucositis. (NASA/MSFC/Higginbotham)”
* * *
“Using this technology as a healing agent was phenomenal,” said Dr.
Donna Salzman, clinical trial principal investigator and director of
clinical services and education at the Bone Marrow Transplant and
Cellular Therapy Unit at the University of Alabama at Birmingham

“The HEALS device was well tolerated with no adverse affects
to our bone marrow and stem cell transplant patients.”

* * *
“The WARP 75 light delivery system is a wound-healing device made by
Quantum Devices Inc. of Barneveld, Wis. The device is derived from a
light delivery system providing High Emissivity Aluminiferous
Luminescent Substrate, or HEALS technology to grow plant experiments in

It is a small 3.5-inch by 4.5-inch (90 by 145-millimeter)
portable, flat array of special, lot-set-aside, chip-on-board mount
Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs).

A nurse practitioner places the WARP 75
on the outside of a patient’s cheek where it shines for just over a
minute each day, promoting wound healing and preventing mouth sores
caused by radiation and chemotherapy.

NASA’s Innovative Partnerships
Program works with industry and commercial partners to spinoff space
technology and adapt it for new, innovative applications.
* * *
So far the information I have been able to find is not conclusive concerning Far InfraRed and the Biological Health Effects on humans. Most of the information I have gathered on Far InfraRed, particularly from NASA seems to be for the purposes of observation and detection in Astronomy. –HABA

At the same time, my personal, subjective and anecdotal experience with Far Infrared Technology has been successful for my goals of relaxation, pain relief, improved circulation, muscle and joint flexibility and a pleasant sense of well-being.

A closer look at the uses of far infrared technology will reveal if the biological health effects on humans will be as well tolerated with no adverse affects” in comparison with the devices developed by NASA. –HABA

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  1. What an intriguing discovery that we can all be grateful for!

    Thank you for surfacing this information and for your work in promoting alternative methods of healing!

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