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KappaGuerra Visits Capoeira In The Valley At Westlake Village [VIDEO]

Capoeira In The Valley At Westlake Village

KappaGuerra Visits

My rebellious nature should be no surprise to anyone. But if it is, then I must make you aware now that my nature is one of rebellion – SURPRISE!

To me it appears to be one that is quite carefully calculated and crafted to make the best me that I can make each new day with action and gratitude.

And so I have created my own brand of martial art that has been evolving through continuous action over many years.

This integration of skills is something I call KappaGuerra. It rhymes with Capoeira. And KappaGuerra is in fact largely based on the foundation of Capoeira movement.

This is why I say that KappaGuerra visits Capoeira In The Valley. Because my interpretation is unique just as it should be. It is not often witnessed in Capoeira.

And as unique as I imagine it to be and how unique it actually is does not stop me from being able to have a wonderful dialogue with more pure Capoeira players.

This is what you will see in this short video of me playing Capoeira at the party and roda hosted by Capoeira teacher Shira Winitzky.

She is the head teacher for Capoeira In The Valley and teaches in two locations currently. One location is in Woodland Hills and the other is in Westlake Village.

Both of these locations are in Southern California. Watch this video and some of the others that are hosted by Capoeira In The Valley.

Capoeira In The Valley is supervised by Capoeira Los Angeles which was founded and is run by the head instructor, Amir Solsky aka “Contra-Mestre Parafina”.

That is Amir Solsky’s “Nome De Guerre” or War Name. It is a nick-name given to Capoeiristas or Capoeira players who have been initiated.

Shira Winitzky has the name “Coisa Boa” which means “Something Good”. And she is certainly that something good in a teacher that you may have been seeking.

“Parafina” translates to “Paraffin” which is a wax-like substance that can mold and form into any shape. It is quite an accurate nick-name for Amir Solsky!

My name was just recently given to me by Professor Axe of Capoeir Brasil. He called me “Garra” which means “Claw”, “Talon” or “Strong Hold”.

Look up Capoeira In The Valley by going to their website and taking a personal visit to their classes and participate fully.

You will have a great experience and continue a life enhancing journey as you continue to play the game of Capoeira and become part of their outstanding community.

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