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Poise And Patience Is Power: Proving The Positive Potential Of Perseverance

Proving The Positive Potential Of Perseverance 

Poise And Patience Is Power

I know that Patience Is Power because I have lots of patience and have experienced a lot of power because of it.

I define power as the ability to get the things done that I desire to get done. And I get a whole lot of the things I want done on my terms.

This does not mean that I do not experience challenges or roadblocks or even heavy resistance of all kinds.

But it does mean that I have developed and realized the ability to patiently persevere throughout the difficulties.

This simply results in me getting things done even if not exactly when or how I thought it should be.

But the things I wish to make happen do happen and quite more than not they get done even better than I had originally planned.

Somehow the delay is like a higher and wiser par of me holding things off because my first action or plan is no the best.

And the best is usually what becomes of my goals and intentions when I patiently work towards a solution with poise and persistence.

Right now for example, my blogs are really giving me a lot of difficulty lately posting photos of screenshots that I am using as examples.

When I called my BadAss support team I was much less than pleased with the answer I was given as the solution.

Even though it is a technical problem caused by my service provider and the upgrades I am making, I am given only one choice.

I have to re-do the work I have already done and repost things that are way off the time-line.

Things are going to be out of order and out-dated and yet I am being told that I am the one to fix a problem that was caused by them.

And I get no compensation or credit for time lost and potential members and customers lost because of their technical error.

The reason this is a problem is because I blog everyday on several sites and it is very time consuming.

I have a lot of collecting and curating of media and researched information. When I am done with a project I move on.

But here I am being directed to do things over that are quite unnecessary. But that is the problem.

I always have a solution and it is to patiently persist in creating new content and moving forward.

This is why Patience Is Power for me because patience gets much more done for me.

I hav a full understanding that patience is a great solution in almost every situation and will help to heal many ills of life in general.

The issues may be personal or business. Patience Is Power in every case. Patience will be one of the greatest tools anyone can use.

I have proven this time and again in my life. Sometimes it feels like things are hopeless and giving up is easy.

But giving up is really the most difficult thing to do because it is the real cause of failure.

Patience Is Power because when we persevere with poise, new opportunities will be presented.

There are many doors to open and pass thro
ugh. But if we choose to lay down and die how can we ever know what is beyond the struggle?

We don’t know unless we walk on through. And this is the truest key of all when we live with the faith of persistence.

Moving forward towards our goals and dreams with solid plans is a path of positive potential and transformation.

Our Patience Is Power because it takes us beyond where failure would rob us of the richness and wealth of triumph.

We are empowered and truly succeed as long as we continue to move onward with poise. Know that Patience Is Power and practice daily.

I Believe In You.

Believe In YourSelf.

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