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Fan Appreciation For The ChimpzNation: The Chimpz Rock The House Of Blues

The Chimpz Rock The House Of Blues

Fan Appreciation For The ChimpzNation


Saturday July 13th 2013 was “Fan Appreciation Night” as a gift from The Chimpz to the ChimpzNation; the die-hard fans of The Chimpz from Los Angeles.

The Chimpz Nation


This was a free show courtesy of The Chimpz as a token of appreciation for all of the love and support of their dedicated fans who make up the ChimpzNation!

Once again, the sensational group The Chimpz lit up the stage with power, precision and a dynamic performance that had the crowd jumping with enthusiasm.


I was rapping, singing and screaming on the dance floor and shaking it up as The Chimpz performed their amazing and badass set featuring an impressive line-up of tracks.

The set included tracks from their album “Who Can I Trust” such as “Victim“, “Mr. 44“, “Home Invasion“, and a few other floor-stomping songs!

You can get the EP of “Who Can I Trust” by The Chimpz on iTunes by clicking HERE


If you missed The Chimpz at this last performance where they took down The House of Blues, fear not. There are more shows coming up soon including later on this month of July in Venice Beach, California!


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