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Magnetizing Excellence: Manifestation Through Expectation

Manifestation Through Expectation

Magnetizing Excellence

I wake up in the morning and give gratitude with my first breath. My life is a beautiful story unfolding vibrantly and in full exciting color and light every single moment.

You can design your life on purpose if this is your desire. You can live in Love and for Love should you choose.

Your life can be one that appears like the most beautiful dream when you understand Manifestation Through Expectation.

Every day I experience a revolution in the way that I think. There are amazing events that reveal amazing coincidences in the dreams that I dream and the manifestation of these dreams in my physical reality.

I am convinced by my life and the mindful attention that I have given to my thoughts and my emotional, spiritual and material results, that I am thinking things into existence.

This is Manifestation Through Expectation.

I have always been doing this with the exception that I have not always been aware of how faithfully I have been creating the very ideas and beliefs that I hold with absolute conviction.

Manifestation Through Expectation has been the key factor that has written the dynamic script of my entire life.

This can be the same for you if not already when you seek for and find the resources or people who can be guides to your own Magnetizing Excellence.

I fully realize that my past does not at all equal my future unless I dwell on my past. And even if my past has been great there is no need to dwell. There is always room for improvement.

I really feel like a wizard. My entire life is magical every single day. I understand a magnificent power within us all if we would only make use of it in a conscious and consistent way.

Our beliefs change our actual reality. Manifestation Through Expectation is an absolute truth for me.

I know for sure in my experiences that I have always been becoming what I am thinking about. And I have been leading myself onto much better things than I have experienced before each moment.

I live fully right now every single now that there is and feel fully and clearly the world within me and around me with great pleasure and pain. And I love all of it.

I am grateful, appreciative and thankful for all that I am and for all that there is. I have family, friends and followers.

People do not follow me because of where I have been but because of where I am going.

Where I have been is the past and where I am going is the fantastic journey of right now and the wonderful adventure of the future I am creating.

There are so many steps that I am taking forward that any small step backwards is not even noticed. A thousand kilometers forward does not recognize the micrometer subtracted backwards.

The difference is “…always movin upwards and forwards…. Sizzling hot!” (from a text about me)

Quantum leaps and revolutions in everything that I do has become my Manifestation Through Expectation. I expect that all things will continue to be the best that they can and it becomes truth.

The Universe is conspiring for my greatest success it would seem. And this I am gratefully cooperating with. My enthusiasm and motivation have become contagious and inspiring.

And I am humbled that my every dream and desire to offer spontaneously exhilarating experiences for others has become the lucid dream that is the life I am guiding into existence.

Need to hang more bro, your energy is fn inspiring. Cheers to you sir.” –Scott Shryack; guitarist from the band UNSOUND.

Right now is the exciting adventure to continue improving or to pull yourself out of the ditch you have been digging for your grave. There is no need to lie in the gutter.

Wake up, adorn your wings of light and Love and fly to the highest peaks of whatever good and noble thing it is that you desire.

I Believe In You.

Believe In YourSelf.

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