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Help The Boxing Weaver Triplets Make History – Only Four Days Left!

Only Four Days Left!

Weaver Triplets Making Boxing History

Weaver Triplets


Are you ready to join us in making history?

Then meet Floyd, Lloyd, & Troy Weaver! (If you haven’t already.) Weaver Triplets.

They are professional fighters who carry in them great heart, spirit, and determination. Not only that, but they’re triplets, and each of them fight in a separate weight class.

Floyd’s a Junior Middleweight, Lloyd’s a Middleweight, and Troy’s a Light Heavyweight.

And all three of them have their eyes on boxing’s Ultimate Prize: A World Title in each of their respective weight divisions.

It’s Now or Never for these three hard-working fighters. They’ve been putting in the hours, the sweat, and the tears.

They’ve been training around-the-clock, striving to keep their bodies, minds, and spirits in the best possible shape. They’ve embraced Discipline and Dedication as a way of life.

All three of them are ready to step up. To move in the direction of their dreams and finally make the impossible possible!

Next month, on July 27th, the Weaver Triplets have an opportunity to each fight in separate bouts and Finally Make History in becoming the first and only Fighting Triplets to win titles.

But the fight won’t happen unless they can raise all the money necessary for it.

There are all kinds of costs required to run a big event like this: Advertising fees, sanction fees, insurance, the venue rental, the ring rental, money for an ambulance/doctor, the cost of gloves…

…And a lot more!

We need to raise $30,000 dollars to get this big event up and running.

And that’s why we’re reaching out to all of you and starting this campaign!

We need your help.

And we wouldn’t be asking you for your help, unless we wholeheartedly believed that we were ready to succeed and make things happen in the ring!

Please make a contribution today. Every little bit helps!

We appreciate every single one of you for reading!

The Weaver Triplets have a motto, and that motto is: Live day to day and have faith in God. And no matter what your dreams may be, you will achieve, if you believe.

Here’s to Dreams Coming True! And here’s to Making History.

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