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Walking Through A Wall Of Fire: Overcoming Soul Burning Obstacles

Overcoming Soul Burning Obstacles

Walking Through A Wall Of Fire

You have probably experienced a lot of difficulty in your life. Almost everyone has. Especially when you have set goals that are important to you to achieve.

There can be fear of loss, the actual missing your intended goal, or simply not getting what you aimed for when you thought you would.

Many of us have financial goals, educational goals and relationship goals to name a few. And it can be heartbreaking when we don’t get what we planned for.

Sometimes this can feel like Walking Through A Wall Of Fire. But we have to experience the triumph of Overcoming Soul Burning Obstacles.

We get stronger this way. Like when you lift weights. You can exercise your mind this way when you are Overcoming Soul Burning Obstacles.

It does not matter what the issue or difficulty is really. Through persistence, which is faith in action, we can overcome anything.

We are Overcoming Soul Burning Obstacles every day and often do not recognize that we are. Because we have had many small, strength building experiences before.

These are like the weight lifting. The more we do it and keep moving forward, the stronger we get; and the more weight we can lift.

You can literally walk around feeling lighter in life when weight is lifted from your shoulders. You just have to train yourself.

And the only training you really need is faith. I do not necessarily mean religious faith. I mean the determination to win in life no matter what challenges come.

Any kind of faith in yourself will help you to persist. You just must tap into your unlimited resources that you have within yourself.

Of course you may sometimes get burned when Walking Through A Wall Of Fire. But this is how you get tougher. The only way you actually suffer is when you quit.

And quitting is an actual decision that you make. Just like the decision to have faith and to persist. It is something that you choose to do.

I know this from my own life. I have experienced heartbreaking things that have felt like I was killed and left as a doomed soul burning in everlasting fire.

But the fire is not everlasting. The pain is only temporary. It is what we do with what happens, not what has happened.

It is only a wall of fire. Not some mythical place where you must suffer forevermore for making temporary mistakes in life.

You always have the option to move on and become better than before and not continue to relive the past.

I have tasted my blood, sweat myself into exhaustion and drowned in the tears of my heartache many times. But I wipe my face and get up again.

And I will do so no matter how many times I bleed, sweat and cry my way through Overcoming Soul Burning Obstacles when Walking Through A Wall Of Fire!

So why not just make the decision to be a winner in life no matter what?

It is actually more difficult to live with regret and not achieving your goals and dreams than Walking Through A Wall Of Fire to get what you want.

The first step that will actually prepare you for any challenge or difficulty in life is making the decision that you will go on and persist no matter what.

You must determine that you will have faith in yourself no matter what happens and no matter what anyone tells you or does to you.

Have you lost your job or become homeless?

Did you lose that championship game or match?

Did you lose your soul-mate or have your heart brutally broken?

It only hurts. But pain and fear are just choices. We already know that pain, loss, danger and heartache is real. The feelings about them are the choices we make.

Will you exercise your faith and persist no matter what?

I surely hope that you do because each person that decides to be a winner in life makes the life of the whole world and Universe so much better.

Of course Overcoming Soul Burning Obstacles is not at all comfortable. But the real burning of the soul and everlasting hell is the failure of quitting.

Walking Through A Wall Of Fire over and over again until you get where you want to go is the only way. It will make you stronger.

So decide to attract more money or income or the job you want no matter what.

Decide to compete in the games again and bring home the prize no matter what.

And rise in Love again and again and again, because Love is all there really is.

I Believe In You.

Believe In YourSelf.

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