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Walking Away From Murder In Santa Monica: Love Songs And Metaphysics

Love Songs And Metaphysics

Walking Away From Murder In Santa Monica

“GOOD morning Hakeem! Have an excellent day. ;)” [07:33]

“Thank you Alexx. Same to you.” [08:34]

It is always a delight to get these wonderful messages from my good friend Alex from time to time. I slept in that morning of June 7th 2013 in my sleeping bag on the floor.

I had planned to call or FaceBook my younger brother, Jamal. It was his birthday.

I was just checking my phone to see what time it was when I saw the message from Alex. It was an hour before I finally came out of dreamland to a nice surprise.

Little did I know that I would be walking away from Murder In Santa Monica. I could have been killed but was saved by my metaphysical urge to write a Love song.

A Gun And A Guitar

Gun parts Guns n guitars Glockex

I was with my older brother Richard the night of June 6th 2013. I played with my guitar and his Glock 21 .45 ACP. It has an interesting paint-design and looks like a toy.

I took photographs of it because I like guns. I like my guitar also. I had the two sexy beasts pose with each other and snapped a few shots before I went to sleep.

The gun was completely unloaded and safe to handle. Although I am of the truest Karate (empty hands), when it comes to combat, I am very well trained to discharge and handle fire-arms if the need were ever to arise.

The need did arise when a man decided to commit Murder In Santa Monica. Could I have stopped him from killing more people if I was locked and loaded?

Or would I have been just another victim?

Door 2044: Arise And Lime

After getting the message and waking up, I showered and dressed so that I could walk to find a Starbucks to blog and practice a new Love Song I am composing.

Door 2044

Because I have been having some very intense and sometimes disturbing Numerology encounters with the Master-Numeral 44 since December 21st of 2012, I snapped a photo of a door with the address 2044 first thing when I walked out the door.

This was on the corner of Kansas and Stewart. As I walked down Stewart, I walked into a building that had an architecture that pleased me very much.


My intention was to find a nice healthy place to treat my brother Richard and my niece Elizabeth to that morning. But it was right after 10am and the lovely lady inside told me to come back later since they were in the midst of some kind of shift change.

So I continued North on Stewart towards Olympic and saw an interesting Police vehicle parked on the North-East corner. I was going to film myself doing a back-flip from it.

But there were two officers inside, so I just snapped a photo of it and walked over to say hello to the San Gabriel cops inside who were looking at my guitar bag suspiciously.

San Gabriel Cops

The officer in the passenger side asked me what was in the bag so I opened it up and showed them my Fender Strat-Acoustic with the leather guitar strap signed by Dave Grohl from the Foo-Fighters when I met him at Starbucks in Tarzana.

I turned left on Colorado going West to the cafe. On the way I was thrilled to see some more stunning architecture and landscaping. I took a few photos of Tiato.

Stiato sign

Stiato seats

I looked around a bit and marveled before continuing to my intended mission of blogging. Before I could get there, I encountered a few more officers parked on both the Northeast and Northwest corners of Colorado.


Vernon cops

I walked past the Los Angeles Sherrif’s vehicle and snapped a few shots of the BMW motorcycle marked “City of Vernon“. I wondered why the hell there were so many cops around and I asked if there was a convention.

The officer driving the Bell Gardens patrol care answered “Yes there is”, but fumbled to tell me where it was because he was not from the area. Understandable. They also felt compelled to remind me Obama was in town for some reason.

As I neared my destination, I walked past MTV Networks, Universal Music Group, Interscope and Geffen Records amongst others. All had great designs and scapes.



I finally arrived at my destination. Now I was quite hungry and really wanted to eat. I was not going to eat any Starbucks sweets because by now i have learned they make me feel ill and give me zits and skin breakouts. Sorry Starbucks.

Next door was a place called “Hole in the Wall”. What the heck. I gave it a shot and the food was delicious. I had a burger and house fries with all the fixins! This is what the one from today looked like:

Hole in the Burger

I ate that, drank some French Roast brewed specially for me on the French press since they don’t have it on tap, wrote a blog with pictures bragging about how buff I am and can help others muscle up and then sat outside to practice my new Love Song!

But before I could start I returned a call from my brother Richard. He wanted to know if I was OK because he heard what he described as rifle shots outside.

I did not know he called because I keep all alerts on my phone, including vibration and even disconnect my mobile data service when I am not on the internet.

Then he said “Oh sh!t; there’s a house on fire! Lemme call you back I have to call 911!” Apparently the beginning of Murder In Santa Monica was in progress.

A few minutes later, two large fire engines screamed past me heading in the direction of where I had just spent the night reuniting with my brother I hadn’t seen for a while.

So I responded to a few texts from my aunt and missed calls from my mother to get back to them because apparently this stuff was making the news. They worried.

I had no ideas how serious it would all turn out to be. I just sat playing my guitar and singing. After a while I ran into Craig Spivek for the third time in a row, completely by coincidence after not seeing him for 5-months.

He was a witness to quite a few interesting numeral 44 incidents with me for the last few days and this day was no different.

3 times Spivek

Craig and I discussed money, music, metaphysics and relationships with woman amongst many other things.


I returned later that evening to be stopped by roadblocks and lots of Police tape. There was a disaster response unit boarding up the house where the father and brother of the gunman had been killed right across the street.

I am grateful that I had left before it all went down because I am an easy target with my guitar. It is sad that other people were killed and injured.

Disaster truck

I never got around to calling my brother Jamal because of all the excitement. But I did see a lot of cops and composed some great Love Songs.

This was my first night in Santa Monica. Where I will be more often than not from now on. What a beginning to a new adventure and location.

Welcome to Santa Monica.


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