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How Much Do You Want To Breathe? The Desire For Freedom

The Desire For Freedom

How Much Do You Want To Breathe?

“Some of us need to stand up in life and say ‘You know what, fuck you, I can do whatever I wanna do’…” –D.W. (5-27-2013)

The Desire For Freedom has as many forms and concepts as there are people who desire to be free. Some of you do not know you are in bondage.

There are plenty of people who get up in the morning and dread the day that has been planned for them and not planned by them.

There are many of you who do work that you hate because you feel like you absolutely have to so that you can feed your family.

A whole lot of people are living a life of maximum security like a prison, yet feel that they are free because they have a collection of doo-dads to display.

But what is most important to understand is not how much money or resources you make or have. It is about how you get your money and resources.

Because there are plenty of ways to get money. But not all of them are good for your soul. Some of the work that you may be lucrative but take 90 hours each week of life.

I certainly like nice, quality items. I recently spent over $500.00 or a new Tumi backpack with a tracking plate in it.

I paid for the quality because the last Tumi bag I had lasted 13-years and was a demonstration of the quality that I desire to have.

So when I talk about doo-dads I am not putting down nice things or having quality items that serve a useful purpose like my backpack AND look awesome.

I am referring to working a job to spend money you don’t have, to buy things you don’t need, so that you can try to please people you don’t like.

You have to have a real powerful motivation and desire to get what you want and the guts to take the action necessary to bring your dreams into reality.

I know the truth of this because I quit my job when most people are struggling to find jobs. I also was at a very low financial point and almost could not eat.

But I claimed my independence and began taking more steps to learn how to improve my business building skills.

And now I literally make money when I am at the movies or on the beach sleeping.

I do this by doing something that I really like to do which is making music, meeting people, enjoying good company, writing, blogging, and surfing the internet.

But I have proven to myself through direct experience that it is possible to create valuable, powerful and life changing experiences for others while collecting commissions.

I am doing what I love and the money is following me. And this is very important. I love to see people inspired and motivated.

I really love to see people enjoying themselves and creating interesting, useful and beautiful things. And it is great to see them making a life and a living.

I was not as good at marketing as I am now. But we can get good at anything. And all marketing really means is getting the word out about what you offer.

I have a long way to go. But I can see quite far because I am standing upon the shoulders of giants like David Sharpe, David Wood and others.

But I will keep on going because I want to succeed and realize my dreams in this life while enjoying the journey with enormous passion and motivation.

I want it as much as or even more than a drowning person who loves their life wants the air they need to live and breathe.

This is the basis of my great faith. This is the reason why I am persistent. because persistence is faith. If I wasn’t faithful I would not persist.

You would persist to struggle and battle to breathe if you were suffocating and drowning. The more you love life, the more you will fight for air.

And so you must want, desire and persist towards the goals and life of your dreams just as much as you would fight for the air a drowning person reaches for.

So that no matter what obstacles are in your way or what may seem to be holding you down, your burning desire will break you through.

You can break the surface of the hot water you may be drowning or boiling in.

How Much Do You Want To Breathe? How much do you really want to succeed in life and what are you willing to do to get what you want?

The Desire For Freedom must be so passionate that you will get through anything and succeed no matter what it takes.

The Desire For Freedom will be demonstrated when you realize that you may be a slave and then make a choice to break the surface of the illusion of limitation.

Do You Have The Desire For Freedom? How Much Do You Want To Breathe?

I Believe In You.

Believe In YourSelf.

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