Music Is More Therapeutic Than Binge Drinking

Music Is More Therapeutic Than Binge Drinking

The Best Day Has Just Begun

I don’t recommend that anyone drink irresponsibly. But as you should be well aware of, I have been documenting my goings on for over 7-years.

This is part of it.

It would not be the truth if I did not share some of my down time and struggles. It is a reality that even people helpers like me find some spots of unbearable pain.

But the great part about it all is being the type of person who does not stay down.
Instead, every experience is enjoyed, or mined for joy and shared.

Growing in strength and power through experience, contemplation and meditations are some fantastic tools for making life the best it can be.

I guess binge drinking has some fun points for sure, but just like anything in excess, it can get you in trouble along the way. Maybe even right away.

A much safer alternative is music making! Sure there are some of us who may combine binge drinking with music.

Isn’t that what the “Sex, Drugs and Rock n Roll” slogan is all about in essence?

Loving From A Distance

It’s tough being far away from people you Love. It is just as tough being a few miles away from the people you love and still feeling far away.

There are all kinds of healthy ways to deal with these tough feelings and unexpressed emotions. Music is one of those things like yoga or martial arts training.

Binge drinking is a not so healthy alternative. But fun is healthy, and sometimes the crazy memories are worth it if you can be with other great people you like and trust.

But I just did that. And at the end of it all I just still want to sing and play my guitar.

The only thing is that after recovering from a night of drowning my sorrows, I feel even more sorrowful. In some ways good because I make forlorn and melancholy songs.

I like the dark shadows of music. Not the deadly and violent dark, but the soft Princess type of Gothic, the “I lost my love but I’m super sexy and artistic” kind of dark.

Music is the perfect form of expression. You can create it yourself or just sing and dance along to someone else’ and it is all the same.

I personally just like to pick up something I can record with and then wail away at the guitar and with my voice until I am crying in tune.

So very therapeutic indeed. Making music is immortalizing a feeling or memory. You can make and idea or emotion eternal.

This Is Not Water That I Am Drinking

Sometimes you forget what happens during or after your binge drinking session. But for some reason that still has some type of fun thing in it.

So this weekend past was full of three things. Crying my eyes out, binge drinking and playing music. It has been magnificent fun and I had an amazing time.

Some of the best times of my life for sure. But it is mostly because of the crying and the music. The drinking was just some kind of accessory if you will.

It is ridiculous how the emotional of Love can be so twisting and twisted at times. You miss your
brother or sister who may be far away.

Maybe you have not seen your parents for a while. Maybe you have not seen your children for a while, or grandchildren.

Or maybe you have fallen in Love with someone so profoundly yet they hardly seem to notice you. Or maybe you can’t be with someone you love for other reasons.

The emotion of Love, whether it is for family or for a romantic Lover can be very stressful at times because of our deep longing for someone unavailable.

I experience this longing each and every day. But it is usually short lived because I do not make much distraction of it. I have lots of ways to express myself.

Meditation, breathing exercises, yoga, martial arts training and music are just a few of these outlets for creative expression of somewhat or totally disturbing emotions.

Taking the time out to practice one of these or another form of creative expression may be a missing link for many people.

I know if I do not take the time to practice yoga, martial arts or music, I can get a little crazy. I become dazed and confused and depressed.

So it is interesting to note that playing guitar and singing actually leaves me feeling better after a session; whereas drinking like crazy has me feeling worse after.

Drunk With Love

Not a big surprise. But I Love so hard that it is overwhelming and distracting to the point f rage and tears. Yet the Love always calms me again.

Love is like that. Real Love is like that. if it is the love for family, friends or for romance, Love is a powerful calm for the mind, heart and soul.

It is always this that I live fore the fun of it and go on everyday. When I wake up I am grateful for the opportunity to Love and speak it into my Universe.

I am breathing Love in and exhaling Love. My music is love and there is great power in that. To create music and to destroy hopelessness and fear.

With all the Love I have to give, and all the Love I am ready and willing to receive, I wish the same strength, power and determination to everyone with a struggle.

I know that you can go on. I know that you can make it through no matter what you are in and no matter how hard it hurts.

Just continue to remember the Love that started everything in the first place. The good and bad and the ups and the downs.

That brother that you miss because they live far away and circumstances make it tough.

Those wonderful friends that you miss because of lost contact with and can’t find.

That girl who lives up the road a ways but could care less how hard you fell for her.

Just remember the love part of it all and create something. You may fall down for a bit, crying yourself to sleep, or waking up hung over.

But you know there is more to life. So you pick up the pen or the paintbrush; take a deep breath and stretch; or pick up the guitar while strumming and singing your heart out.

There is always a way to make the best parts of Love be the mold and model for your world.
Because isn’t this what Love is about?

I Believe In You.

Believe In YourSelf.

Fall In Love With Your Life.

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