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Mountain Bike To Beverly Hills: The Power Of Mantras And Words

The Power Of Mantras And Words

Mountain Bike To Beverly Hills

Just yesterday, I rode my mountain bike through a road called Topanga Canyon here in sunny Southern California.

It was the first time I ever did this and I was in for a big surprise. I am in the habit of taking different unknown routes often.

I do not like routines and really love to mix things up a bit. i have driven on this road before and used the public transportation on it also.

But it is a completely different experience altogether on a mountain bike. But I really took that name mountain bike very literally.

I originally set out to go to the beach on the bike and so just figured I would head south from the valley and figure it out.

I actually was being cheered on by people in their cars and now I know why. I eventually stopped in Beverly Hills on Rodeo and then at a Starbucks on Beverly Drive to write The Hard Way Is The Easy Way.

So the point is that I made it the first trip there to Beverly Hills. I would have gone all the way to the beach but It was already late in the afternoon and I really wanted to write.

I planned to take the Metro train back into the valley but decided to go back up the hill the other way. It was a lot tougher than I thought.

But I am like that. So I just did it anyway. I knew that once i got to the top I would be in for one heck of a thrill ride on the way down.

It is amazing to be on a mountain bike hitting speeds of 50 and 60 miles per hour downhill. It is quite a thrill.

The second time on the way was really tough but I kept focusing on WHY I was doing it. I wanted a new experience and I wanted to triumph and become better in the process.

I wanted to experience “FLOW” as I have so many times before. And I just kept repeating my reasons why. They are more specific than the examples I gave above.

That is because they are personal reasons. But those are the exact categories. New experience, triumph and getting better.

And I kept repeating a mantra of my WHY and my goals when it was getting really rough. And it was helping.

Whenever I used the power of my words, my strength increased. Even though there were a few drivers cheering me on I was my loudest cheerleader.

I made it. And this is how I handle everything in life. I just make it happen when I find a challenge. I will quit a stupid job, but I wont be a wussy when I set a goal for myself.

Jobs suck FOR ME. I hate them and wont ever work for someone else again. I really do believe I would rather die.

But that is a hint to what one of mt reasons why are for getting over the mountain into Beverly Hills and back. It was really crazy in the hot valley sun but I made it.

I knew I could do it even before I started and there was no question in my mind. I did not even consider turning back. I just set my sights forward and went up the mountain.


What mole-hills are there in your life that you are making a mountain of. Get over it. We all can. Yesterday I did. And I know you can to.

You just have to find a strong enough reason why and keep reminding yourself of it. Repeated it to yourself, write it d]own, speak it loud, shout and sing it.

Whatever you need to get your through the tough times just get it done. Get over the mountain. Even if you have to walk part of the way. It is still great exercise walking up hill while dragging a bike along.

Keep your goals before you and make sure it is a powerful enough reason. You know what it is. Just get it done. You know you can. I know you can.

Get over the mountain and into the Beverly Hills or wherever of your dreams and celebrate the small wins that will eventually lead to the giant victory and the journey that never ends.

I Believe In You.

Believe In YourSelf.

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